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 Day One
Welcome to South Atlanta 
School of Computer Animation & Design
We are collaboratively and purposefully preparing all students for Post–Secondary Options
Message from Principal Tracie Astin 

Dear Students of Hornet Nation,

It is my hope your summer vacation has been enjoyable as we journey into our new school year. This year will be a great time to engage our school community, improve where necessary, and excel far beyond expectations.


It is an honor to be selected to serve as your new principal for South Atlanta School of Computer, Animation, & Design.


Excellence is upon us for our students, our parents, our faculty, and our community.  It is with this spirit of excellence, I ask each of you to genuinely think about your role in this journey and the level of excellence in performance that will be expected and indeed demanded of you.


What do you envision it takes for excellence? Think about the purpose for high school and then think about your actions.

-          Are your purpose and actions aligned?  Are you working hard and putting forth your best effort?  

Research confirms what we have known for years, “effort often surpasses ability.”  In other words, you are more than you ever imagined and the depth of your effort will yield the results!


How do you achieve excellence? The effort you put into your work will be the largest reward towards excellence -- your effort in attending each class daily;  your effort in working hard and remaining engaged in each class each period; your effort at arriving to all classes on time;  your effort at respecting your teachers and getting along with your peers; your effort at completing  homework and studying consistently to earn excellent grades;  your effort at staying in school, passing all course and standardized assessments; your effort at graduating on time and progressing to a viable post-secondary option are all essential to your success. You must organize, plan, and prepare since most of your academic experiences will not be easy; however, if you put forth the amount of effort necessary, you will be a successful high school student and graduate – leading towards your goals of excellence.


What will you have to support excellence? To help you along towards this journey, we will be providing you with your personal student academic guidebook/college-career planner, coordinated academic advisement sessions, quality instruction, focused structure, and empowerment/field experiences. The student guidebook will not contain all of the information, rules, or regulations you will be required to know and follow.  You will receive additional information throughout the school year. Lack of knowing a rule, law, regulation, or practice will not serve as an acceptable excuse. You are expected to operate within the rules. We, too, must operate within the rules to ensure a positive school culture.


How will you begin in the spirit of excellence? School-wide this year, we will enforce a Mandatory Uniform policy to support our school climate and culture. All students are required to wear the school uniform each day (Monday-Thursday). Fridays will be acknowledged as casual day with respect to the school’s dress code.


Students, as your principal, I am to act as your parent away from home and I take this role very seriously.  You are my students! Your safety, emotional, academic, social, and physical health will form the foundation of all decisions that I make regarding you. I expect the faculty to do the same. You are the focus of this school. We are here for you!  However, we will demand that you do your part towards excellence.  


We are on this journey as one for we are ‘A Vision in Motion: Building Our Bridge of Excellence’ together. WELCOME STUDENTS OF HORNET NATION!!!

A Truly Vested Hornet

Principal Astin


 Check out the SAEC Marching Hornets in Janelle Monae's new video for "Electric Lady"

Class of 2014 Graduation



  • Band Camp

    Posted by Shanna Miles at 5/28/2014

    The SAEC “Marching Hornets” Summer Band Camp will begin on July 21, 2014  thru July 31,2014 @ 4:00pm Mon-Fri. This will include anyone that has an interest to participate or even learn how to play a wind or percussion musical instrument for this upcoming school  year in the marching band.

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  • FLP Survey

    Posted by Shanna Miles at 5/27/2014
    If you participated in the FLP program this year, please take a moment to complete the end of year survey. Your input is appreciated.
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  • 2014 OPEN HOUSE 

    APS will host districtwide open houses at all schools on Friday, August 1st.
    High School:  1pm - 3pm
    Middle School:  3pm - 5pm
    Elementary School:  5pm - 7pm 
    We look forward to seeing you at open house! 
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    July 23-25 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. & July 28 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
    Registration will take place at your zoned school.  
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  • Dear Atlanta Public Schools Class of 2014,


    You have completed the approved program of study, passed the necessary exams and satisfied all of the requirements for graduation. You have reached a wonderful milestone in your education journey and are certainly worthy of celebration.  

    As you continue your life’s journey, go forth to grow and to add value to everything you do. Again, congratulations, class of 2014, and very best wishes.  And remember, make good choices.


    Erroll B. Davis Jr.


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  • Report Address Fraud and Ethics Violations

    Report address fraud: 404-802-3540 or by email   

    Report ethics violations: 1-877-801-7754

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  • Move On When Ready

    Dual enrollment opportunity for students to attend a postsecondary institution full-time during their junior and/or senior year of high school.

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