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The Atlanta Board of Education appoints:

·         Mrs. Emma Costello, The Institute of Internal Auditors - Atlanta Chapter (2 year Term)

·         Ms. Joy Berry, The Georgia School Boards Association  (3 year term)

·         Mr. Sam Woodhouse, Esq., The Gate City Bar Association (3 year term)

·         Mr. Stephen Paul Cummings, II Esq., The Atlanta Bar Association (4 year term)

·         Dr. Rebecca D. Pentz, The Center for Ethics at Emory University (5 year term)

·         Ms. Cathy Henson, Esq., The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education (5 year term)

·         Mr. David Ross, The Georgia School Superintendents Association (1 year term)
With all the rights, responsibilities, and duties contained in the Charter of the Atlanta Board of Education.