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Enrollment/Registration Process
West End Academy Performance Learning Center


Students must have completed the 10th grade. This program is only for 11th & 12th graders with a minimum of 12 credit hours.


The enrollment process is outlined below:


Step 1

v   Student (via School Counselor, Parent, Graduation Coach, etc)  should contact West End Academy for Pre-Screen and Interview.

v   Student should have a copy of current proof of residence, current transcript, discipline record, and Attendance record for review.



Step 2

v   Student/Parent interview with West End Academy PLC Interview Team. The team will make a recommendation for enrollment.

v   An Acceptance Letter will be given to student to share with his/her home school. The purpose of this letter is verify students’ acceptance into the West End Academy.  



Step 3

v   When applicable, the Department of Student Relations will notify the student and parent in writing concerning student’s placement status. Otherwise, the acceptance letter will come from the West End Academy.


v   Student will need the following items to complete enrollment:

o    Student Placement Letter

o    Withdrawal from Previous School

o    Proof of Residence

o    Birth Certificate

o    Social Security Card

o    Discipline Record

o    Immunization Record

o    Eye, Ear, and Dental Record

o    Attendance Record



West End Academy PLC

1445 Maynard Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30331