Dunbar Elementary School

The 21st Century Classroom

The Technology Lab at Dunbar Elementary

Dunbar Elementary is home of the first 21st Century Learning Lab. In the lab students are simultaneously

exposed to three different operating systems (MAC, Windows, and Linux). Students in grades 3-5 visit the 21st

Century Learning Lab at least once a week; depending on the targeted skill. Students are engaged in online

learning, navigation of various software and operating systems, as well as extensions of classroom

assignments. Fourth and Fifth grade students are required to have flash drives and must email all assignments.

Blogging: Each week a blog topic (related to the current GPS) is posted, in an effort to begin dialogue with 4th

and 5th graders. Students are encouraged to express themselves as well as to debate issues they feel strongly

about. It has been found that students who blog or who are allowed to communicate electronically, write more

frequently, develop writing skills, and often self-correct their own mistakes. Blogging assists students in

organizing ideas, as well as receiving constructive feedback from their peers and teachers.

Integration: Dunbar is piloting the NEO2 program through Renaissance Learning. This program is integrated

with math and assists teachers with intervention strategies. The NEO2 program incorporates wireless

keyboards, which allow students to practice math facts anywhere in the building. The program also transmits

data from tests and assessments wirelessly to teachers. The NEO2 also possesses journaling and accelerated

reader/math capabilities. Students enjoy the flexibility of the keyboards, as they are able to take their NEO’s

with them around the building.

First in Math is another web-based tutorial program that is implemented at Dunbar. It is aligned to the GPS and

students log in to practice math facts. Student’s performances are tracked and they are rewarded with points

and incentives when they master a specific level. The site is differentiated to address all learning levels.

Promethean Boards are in every classroom in the building. Teachers use them as a method to reach visual

learners, as well as to engage students interactively.

Many of the programs utilized are differentiated to meet the needs of all students. They provide instruction and

activities at various levels and many of them adjust the content presented to the students based on their

performance. United Steaming, Accelerated Reading, Net Trekker, Georgia Online Assessment System

(GOAS), Learning.com, electronic jeopardy, Interactive Promethean Boards, and the of the use of the Wii

gaming console are just a few of the many computer assisted programs that are used at Dunbar to increase

student achievement in all content areas. -    ShawnTy’e Finch, Instructional Technology Teacher  
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