Atlanta Virtual Academy (AVA)

AVA Course Catalog and Offerings
Access the AVA Course Catalog here: AVA Course Catalog
Mandatory State Assessments
End of Course Assessments are state-mandated and administered for the following courses: 

Coordinate Algebra, Algebra I, Analytic Geometry, 9th Grade Literature and Composition, American Literature and Composition, Physical Science, Biology, United States History, and Economics. Any student taking these courses for credit will be required to take the End of Course (EOC) Assessment. The EOC grade will count 20% toward the final course grade. Students who do NOT take the EOC will receive a NGE (No grade exam) and no credit will be given until the student takes the EOC.
AVA Credit Recovery Course Offerings 
 credit recovery
AVA Initial Credit Course Offerings 
AVA Unit Recovery Course Offerings