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Whitefoord Elementary    Home of the
   Whitefoord Eagles
Whitefoord Elementary was established as a school in September 1923.  It was called the Whitefoord Avenue School, named for the street which bears the name of Mr. Whitefoord Smith, landowner and citizen of the area in which the street and school are located


In March of 1993 the Marriott Marquis became Whitefoord’s business partner when Richard Marriott, Vice Chairman of the Marriott Corporation, signed the Marriott/Whitefoord Elementary Business Partnership Agreement.  A substantial donation was made as part of Marriott’s commitment to the Atlanta Project.  This business partnership agreement served as a model for other Atlanta businesses to follow as the Atlanta Project came into full operation.  Since establishing the first partnership, several other businesses have partnered with Whitefoord Elementary.


A full-service clinic was opened at the school in December of 1994 by Dr. George W. Brumley, Jr., who was Chairman of Emory's Department of Pediatrics, and Dr. Veda Johnson, who became the Clinic Medical Director.  It is replete with medical equipment and staffed by a doctor who is there part time, and a full-time physician’s assistant, secretary and social worker.  The clinic is paid for by federal grants and is staffed by the Emory Department of Pediatrics.  Students are treated for everything from ear infections to asthma attacks.


Whitefoord Elementary is a school with a rich history of academic performance, parental participation, and community involvement.  The staff is committed to providing a quality education to all students in a safe, nurturing environment.  We are proud to say that we consistently make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) in Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics.