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Thursday, August 21, 2014


The support of the business community remains vital to the success of Atlanta Public Schools and the academic achievements of our students. Your partnership with the district and our individual schools illustrates how great things can be achieved when the community supports public education. Our partners enable us to connect the needs of the schools with the intellectual and financial resources of the community. Mentoring and tutoring, volunteering, internships, financial contributions and in-kind donations are just a few ways that partners significantly impact student achievement.

Visit our schools and become involved in student achievement today!  For more information on school partnerships please contact Mariama Tyler Jenkins, director of external affairs at 404-802-2814 or

In addition to developing business partnerships, Atlanta Public Schools values the active engagement of school neighborhoods and communities. Part of the district's community outreach efforts include providing opportunities for families and the community to offer valuable input into the overall learning experiences of our students. Atlanta Public Schools officials would also welcome an invitation to attend your upcoming community meetings to share pertinent information on district goals and initiatives and news about your neighborhood schools.

To schedule a presentation at your next meeting or to provide valuable community feedback, please contact the Office of External Affairs at 404-802-2826 or