For parents to access Infinite Campus, they will need to get an “Access Key” from your school which will allow them to 1) go to a website, 2) enter the access key, and 3) create a user name/password that will give them access to Infinite Campus.  Essentially, you give them a piece of paper with instructions and an “access key” and they use the instructions to get access.  Since parents will be onsite on Monday, this would be a great time to give them their “access key”.


To provide an access key to a parent, we ask that you verify the identity of the parent before giving out the access key.  Detailed instructions on how to provide parents with an access key can be found on MyAPS via the link below.  The section on “Parent Portal Letters” details how to provide parents with their access key.


In short, schools can provide access keys to parents by logging into Infinite Campus.  All enrolled students have a “letter” that contains the access key for their respective parents.  You will run the letter in Infinite Campus and give it to the parent upon receipt of a valid ID.