Mission and Vision Statement

Bunche Middle School will develop 21st century lifelong learners who are capable, competent, competitive, and contributing members of society. Through effective, challenging, daily, learning experiences we will R.I.S.E. to new heights of excellence in student achievement. Middle School teachers will R.I.S.E. to the occasion to “Build a Better Bunche”; where R.I.S.E means:

Rigorous real-world, relevant data-driven instruction;

Innovative and engaging learning experiences for all students;

Standards-based lessons will be taught every day in every classroom;

Excellence accomplished by having high expectations.

Bunche Middle School GO Team Members




Email Address


Ashley Redhead, II   

2    Chair
Gabriella Tory    2           Co-Chair        
Ebony Henry  3    Secretary
Demetrius Cleveland    2 Staff 
Vernita Byrd  3 Staff
Brodrick Halls 2 Staff 
Zonda Holloway  2 Community Member 
             Vacant       3     

Dr. Mario Watkins, Principal 


Meeting Schedule  




Public Comment 


Media Center 

    6:00 PM   



Media Center 

6:00 PM

Yes (Rescheduled-01/23/17)
  01/23/2017        Media Center       6:00 PM Yes


Media Center 

   6:00 PM   

Final Budget Review Meeting
Principal's Conference Room   6:00 PM  Additional Funding Meeting 


Media Center 

6:00 PM

Yes (Rescheduled- 04/17/17)
04/17/2017 Media Center  6:00 PM Yes 
05/08/2017 Media Center    6:00 PM   Yes


Media Center 

6:30 PM


* Note there will be an Executive Session for the 05/22/2017 meeting.   


Public Comment Format

 The GO Team of Ralph J. Bunche Middle School welcomes and encourages citizens and community members to attend meetings to become better acquainted with the programs of the school and the role of the GO Team.  The meeting GO Team meetings are open to the public.  Citizens are encourage to attend; however, refrain from interrupting or distracting the GO team proceedings.

For citizens and/or community members wishing to provide a public comment, there will be an allotted time on the agenda, 20 minutes for a maximum of 5 speakers.  Each speaker will have 2 minutes to provide feedback/speak.  At the end of the 20 minutes Public Comment will close and move on to the next agenda item. Please note, the Public Comment period is designed to gain input from the public and not for immediate responses by the GO Team.  If responses can be provided at the time of questions, the GO Team will respond according.  If there are questions or information that anyone has for the GO Team, they may be contacted after the meeting.  

Meeting Minutes


Approved Meeting Documents

August 29, 2016 - Strategic Planning Session

September 12, 2016- Strategic Planning Session
October 17, 2016-         Meeting  
December 12, 2016-     Meeting 
12/12/16 Agenda (Rescheduled 1/23)
January 23, 2017-         Meeting
February 8, 2017-      Final Budget Review Meeting
 March 29, 2017- Additional Funding Meeting3/29/17 Minutes 
April 10, 2017-             Meeting  4/10/17 Agenda (Rescheduled 4/17)
April 17, 2017-             Meeting 4/17/17 Agenda (Not a Quorum)
May 8, 2017-                Meeting
May 30, 2017-             Meeting  5/30/17 Agenda

 2016-2017 School Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 

 For information about GO Teams and GO Team resources, please visit the District GO Team website by clicking on the picture below.