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Welcome to the English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program!
 The ESOL program of Atlanta Public Schools is committed to meeting the needs of English Learners (ELs) and their   families. ESOL is a federally-mandated instructional program for eligible students in grade K - 12 (Georgia School Law Code 1981, 20-2-156, 1985).
The APS ESOL program is standards-based and emphasizes academic and social language development. ESOL coursework is based upon WIDA Consortium English Language Development Standards while simultaneously integrating grade appropriate content standards to ensure that all ELs are successful. The ESOL program also provides access to resources and facilitates communication between the school district and home to allow parents and families of English Learners to play an active role in their child’s education.


A high performing school district in which all English Learners are successful, limited English families engage, and the community values linguistic and cultural diversity.


In a caring culture of trust and collaboration every APS English Learner will graduate ready for college and career. 

Program Goals

The English to Speakers of Other Languages Program of Atlanta Public Schools fosters inclusive schools and classrooms that are responsive to  the linguistic and cultural needs of English Learners and their families. The APS ESOL Program provides English Learners with support and instruction in the English language, American culture, and academic and cognitive areas in order to ensure success in the mainstream classroom, school, and the community. The goals of the program are as follows:

1.     To develop competency in English in all four domains of language: listening, speaking, reading and writing;

2.     To integrate language, cognitive and academic instruction that enables students to develop English language proficiency and content area knowledge;

3.     To support the curriculum based on the Georgia Standards of Excellence while emphasizing social and academic language proficiency;

4.     To orient students and parents to the American culture and enable them to participate successfully in school and community life;

5.     To ensure grade-level appropriate content for all ELs regardless of English proficiency level;

6.     To ensure that all staff in the district assume responsibility for the acculturation and instruction of ELs.   


Upcoming Events                                                                                                                    
APS ESOL PLC Dates 2016 - 2017
All sessions are held at the Campbell Building from 8:30 - 4:30. ESOL PLC sessions are mandatory and all APS ESOL teachers and APS Charter School ESOL Teachers and/or Contacts should plan to attend.

July 26, 2016 - ESOL Teacher Boot Camp

August 23, 2016 - Differentiation for EL Success with Fairbairn and Jones-Vo

September 7 or 8, 2016

October 25 or 26, 2016

December 6 (ES) and 7 (MS/HS), 2016: Anchor Charts for EL Success with Roz Linder

January 10 or 11, 2017: includes ACCESS for ELLs® training

March 14 or 15, 2017

May 9 or 10, 2017
Additional Professional Learning                                                                                                             
ESOL Endorsement Program
The ESOL Endorsement Program is a three course, 150 seat hour program approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission and offered under the supervision of MetroRESA. The APS ESOL Endorsement Program is a cohort model program for certified APS teachers who wish to add the endorsement to their existing Georgia teaching certificate. Announcements regarding the 2016 - 2017 will be sent via email. Interested teachers must submit a completed application to the Office of ESOL & World Languages.
ESOL Professional Learning Community
All ESOL teachers will participate in quarterly PLC meetings. The goal of these sessions is to provide an opportunity for vertical planning,  student data analysis, sharing of program information and best practices. See dates listed above.
Professional Learning Workshops
ESOL workshops will be provided for ESOL and regular education teachers throughout the year. Information will be posted in myPLC.
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