It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the Thomas Jefferson Perkerson Website. This website has been designed to provide parents and community members with timely information about school events and happenings. Each grade level and individual teachers use this site to post monthly newsletters, nine week plans, and other important information about upcoming events.


We feel very fortunate to be a part of such an incredible school. Our school is steeped in history and built on the spirit of volunteerism & community spirit. Our mascot, Wild Cats, reflects our uniqueness within one family. From our cubs in pre-school to our Lions in fifth grade we carry with us the pride of being a part of an incredible school. Students not only selected our mighty mascot but also our noble colors of Royal Blue & Gold. Children at Perkerson truly know that their voice counts in the collective whole in our community.


Staff members are committed to creating a program of rigor and high expectations. I witness on a daily basis the qualities within faculty members that demonstrate their genuine desire to see each child grow and develop to their fullest potential. Technology enhances not only our methods of instruction but also the student’s ability to access a global society. Teachers design lessons using interactive Promethean Boards that are in each classroom. Students participate in E-pals, E-missions, and virtual field trips. We can honestly say that our students directly benefit from cutting edge technology!


My goal is to work with each student, staff member, and parent in order to realize the best possible experience for all involved. My door is always open to parents and I always welcome phone calls of question or to talk through a concern. We are an incredible team and our combined efforts will create a strong foundation for each and every child that enters through our doors.


Thank you for visiting our website.


Go Wild Cats!!!!

Mrs. Tracie Y. Astin