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              Parent Teacher Association  


Every Atlanta Public School has a Parent Teacher Association whose goal is to bring together the interests of the parents and the school to support student achievement. PTAs normally meet once a month. Through PTA initiatives and activities, parents work with the faculty to enhance the school environment and improve student achievement.

                                          What Does the PTA Do?
  • Supports and organizes school-wide events. 
  • Provides a forum to discuss issues of importance to parents and teachers. 
  • Provides the volunteers and the organization needed to support school projects. 
  • Conducts fundraising for school activities.
  • Assists with special school projects development, landscaping or community outreach.

                                How Do I Join the PTA?

The PTA membership drive begins a few weeks after the new school year starts. Contact our school at 404.802.2900 for information regarding membership meetings, dues and activities.