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Three Morris Brandon students advance to State Social Studies Fair

On March 1st, the West Metro Regional Social Studies Fair was held at Mundy’s Mill High School and consisted of 13 participating school districts.

APS submitted thirteen student projects for the West Regional Social Studies Fair, and eight of the thirteen projects were selected to represent the West Metro Region at the State Social Studies Fair on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at Clayton State University.

Furthermore, eight of the sixteen projects representing the region at the State Social Studies Fair were created by Atlanta Public School students.

“Students displayed social science research at its finest based on success at the West Metro Regional Fair for Atlanta Public Schools,” said Felisa Ford, social studies coordinator at APS.

Student NameSchoolRegional Fair PlacementTeacher
Maddie DjuricMorris Brandon Elementary1st Place / StateCarla Kendall
Lawrence HarrisMorris Brandon Elementary1st PlaceCarla Kendall
Hugh TrotterMorris Brandon Elementary3rd PlaceCarla Kendall
Ashanti RiceGideons Elementary1st Place / StateDarlene Dobbs
Kamaria JamesCollinsia WhiteGideons Elementary1st Place / StateDarlene Dobbs
Richard AytchGideons Elementary2nd PlaceDarlene Dobbs
Nadia BeaversGideons Elementary2nd PlaceDarlene Dobbs
Kelsey LawrenceYoung Middle School1st Place / StateT. Starr
Sarena KapoorSutton Middle School1st Place / State Robert Weatherly
Jalya AshleyKameron AndersonSylvan Middle School2nd PlaceCheryl Patterson
Bailey DamianiGrady High School1st Place/StateLou Sartor
Sharah HutsonTaylor GarlingtonMays High Schools1st Place/StateDaniel Hansen
Qiara AllenSouth Atlanta, HSM 1st Place/StateAlma McCray