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Jackson Elementary School

Brent McBride, Principal

Welcome to the Jackson Jaguar PE Department!

The aim of the physical education program at Jackson Elementary School is to develop and improve students’ personal fitness and motor skills by providing developmentally appropriate activities through purposeful, creative and enjoyable instruction. By incorporating challenging and achievable tasks, the students will gain positive attitudes about physical activity and will develop a lifetime love for movement.  

 We will keep everyone moving in Physical Education class this year.  Students will have a great time learning a variety of skills, activities, and games each week.  We are also going to work on developing our endurance, strength, flexibility and reaction time.

Your child’s knowledge, skills, personal behavior, effort, and fitness level will be monitored and assessed throughout the school year. 

Tips for a successful year in PE

·         We are concerned about your child’s safety and for that reason; we ask that they wear athletic or running type shoes. Shoes with heals, boots, sandals (such as crocs) and footwear with little support (such as Toms) make it difficult for children to participate comfortably and safely. We strongly encourage students to wear socks with their shoes. Any girls who choose to wear dresses or skirts should wear shorts underneath their clothing.  An alternate activity will be given if a student does not wear the proper footwear. 


·         Every child is expected to participate to the best of their ability each day they attend class.  There are days however, when illness or injury may inhibit your child’s ability to participate. If so, please send a note with your child, with a brief description regarding the nature of the restriction.  If the condition restricts activity for more than 5 consecutive days, a doctor’s note will be required.


·        If your child has any ongoing health concerns or restrictions that we need to be aware of, please send a detailed note with instructions for their class participation limitations.

 Thank you for your continued support!