• Visual Arts at Morningside Elementary is Georgia Performance Standards driven, taught through a reflective ethic of care and responsibility, to promote student self-esteem, positive relationships and citizenship. The study of art at MES stimulates the imagination and encourages students to utilize their creative potential in learning about and producing original works of art. Students create art with mixed media, 2-D and 3-D designs, textiles and ceramics, drawing and painting. Students also discuss many artists from past and present to inform their thinking and artwork. The Visual Art program promotes the development of personal and cultural identity for students. Our art instruction provides opportunities for students to work individually and collaboratively to foster social development and cooperative interaction. All students at Morningside Elementary participate in weekly art instruction. 
    Art Club

    Session #1: SESSION 1 COMPLETE!
    Session #2: SESSION 2 COMPLETE!
    Session #3: SESSION 3 COMPLETE!
    Session #4: SESSION 4 COMPLETE!
    Session #5: Supplies and Permission Form

    • SESSION #5 is on hold as we are closed due to COVID-19.
      Registration is required:
       Spots are limited: 
    • Meeting 8 Wednesdays:
    • Meet in Main MES Room 115c at 2:30, we will walk as a group to the art room once all students have arrived.
    • IMPORTANT: Pick up at carpool at 4:00pm. Please be respectful of the pickup time and plan appropriately.

    NOTE: if you would like to be added to the Art Club Group email list let Mr. Glorvigen or Ms. Campbell know.

    Art Teachers: