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    Family Engagement


    Strategic Choice Program

    In 2016, a Family Engagement Strategy was created in response to the community’s request for an authentic commitment to engage our students and their families. Family engagement was occurring in many pockets across the district with varied levels of success. Through the creation of an Office of Family Engagement we are now able to tailor support to address the unique needs of clusters and schools.

    There will be a rollout of a district-wide Warm/Welcoming Environment program that will provide professional development to front office staff, parent liaisons and others. The training will include courses on customer service, cultural competency, and communication. The rollout will also include Family Engagement Choice whereby school campuses will choose one of the three initiatives that best match the needs of their students, families, and community by the start of the 2017/2018 school year.

District-Wide Initiatives

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School Based Initiatives

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