• At-Promise is a youth crime diversion program serving youth across the city of Atlanta. Each youth who attends the program receives a therapeutic assessment to determine their individualized plan of services to include GED/education assistance, workforce prep and/or recreation activities. APF works with more than 30 social service agencies who apply the appropriate professional expertise to each individual's case, ensuring relevance and a personalized approach.

    The At-Promise initiative has been in operation since August 2017, serving more than 1700 youth. The services provided include individual therapy, group therapy, educational assistance including tutoring, mentoring and GED classes, testing, workforce prep, arts instruction in music and filmmaking, as well as recreational activities.

    Services Provided:

    • Individual or Group Counseling
    • Tutoring
    • Afterschool Programming
    • Mentorship
    • Arts Instruction
    • Workforce Prep
    • Recreational Activities

    The At-Promise Center also provides all students at JLIA and Douglass HS a safe space while on suspension from school from 8am-4:30pm.

    General details:

    • Parents must register the child (registration information can be completed in advance or on-site during drop off)
    • Suspension letter is required
    • Student(s) must bring a Chromebook and assignments
    • Parents must provide transportation to and from the center

    Additional counseling services and after-school programs are available after the completion of suspension.  Inquire with the At-Promise staff.

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At-Promise Center