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    Name: Garnetta Penn
    Email Address:
    Phone number: (404) 802-5123

    Philosophy of Education

    Every child should be exposed to a quality education that includes sound conceptual ideas that stimulate skills in reasoning, analyzing and creating.  I believe that students with these skills are able to function better in a democratic society.  The fundamental principle of being well-rounded is major in developing young people who are strong in character and use sound moral judgment.  Moreover, developing a humanitarian spirit, understanding and valuing cultural diversity, yielding respect in those differences and bringing out a student's creative ability are the key aims in my philosophy.

    I attempt to provide a number of learning mediums that contribute to student success. Continually setting the bar of excellence high for all students. 
    With careful planning and practice, all classes are able to perform in local, state, regional and national venues.   RESPECTFUL, DISCIPLINED, DEDICATED AND FOCUSED students are the foundation for student success.

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