School Turnaround

  • learnabout The APS School Turnaround strategy was developed in 2014 to provide the additional, critical support our lowest performing schools need and deserve. 

    We want to make sure all our kids grow up to be happy, successful, fulfilled adults, but it’s a fact that some students — and the schools that serve them — require an extra level of assistance to make that happen. 

    To meet these needs, we've developed a strategy of support across six key priority areas.

    Read more about them below.


  • Urgency

    Urgency of Situation

    Some schools simply need more significant changes than others. For our lowest performing schools, Atlanta Public Schools has partnered with credentialed, proven professional school operators to manage and “reset” these schools for success.


  • Student Engagement

    Student Engagement

    If kids are hungry, anxious or ill, it’s almost impossible for them to learn. So it’s critical that we make sure our students have the food they need to fuel their learning and that they are healthy physically and emotionally, so they can focus on their studies.

    This is why we provide our targeted schools with an additional staff member and partner with Communities in Schools to provide extra support and resources to our students and families.

    Additionally, APS offers a number of programs and initiatives like Social Emotional Learning and in-school health clinics.

  • academics


    To ensure that all APS students have access to consistent, high-quality instruction and knowledgeable teachers, students at the targeted schools receive supplemental, intensive, direct-to-student support to accelerate learning in literacy and math.

    This includes tutoring support; dedicated reading and math specialists to help deliver focused support to students in small groups; and a Spring Break Academy to offer kids a period of innovative, intensive study.

    As we move forward, we will continue to develop and refine our programs and strategies so that we increase academic achievement in all of our schools.

  • School Leadership

    School Leadership

    Improving a school’s performance takes specialized skill and knowledge. We actively seek to recruit and place strong turnaround-experienced leaders by providing training through the Harvard Turnaround Leadership Academy and The Rensselaervlle Institute which provides professional development and ongoing coaching to school leaders.

  • Teachers


    We strive to attract, develop, support and retain high-quality teachers across the district, and we carefully staff our high-need schools with teachers who are specially skilled, qualified and have proven turnaround classroom experience. Teachers at our targeted schools also receive professional learning coaching support.

  • Family and Alumni Engagment

    Family and Alumni Engagement

    The more support our kids get at home, the better they’ll do in school, so we actively engage our families through a number of channels.

    Through our GO Teams, cluster teams, and APS alumni, we will engage with our families and partners to equip all of our stakeholders with the information needed to become informed advocates for our students.

    We have also partnered with programs like PLUS (Parent Leaders United for Students) to provide formal programming for parents. 

    Read more about our approach to engagement.