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About the Georgia Milestones

  • From the Georgia Department of Education (2015) website:

    What is the Georgia Milestones?

    Georgia Milestones measures how well students have learned the knowledge and skills outlined in the state-adopted content standards in English Language Arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.  

    Students in grades 3 through 8 take an end-of-grade [(EOG)] assessment in English Language Arts and mathematics while students in grades 5 and 8 are also assessed in science and social studies...

    Features the Georgia Milestone Assessment System include:

    • open-ended (constructed-response) items in English Language Arts and mathematics (all grades and courses);
    • a writing component (in response to passages read by students) at every grade level and course within the English Language Arts assessment...

    What is the purpose of the Georgia Milestones?

    Georgia Milestones is designed to provide students with critical information about their own achievement and their readiness for their next level of learning – be it the next grade, the next course, or endeavor (college or career)...

     For additional information about the Georgia Milestones Assessment System, please visit Georgia Department of Education's webpage by clicking this link.

    What content areas and grade levels are tested?

    At Sutton, students in grades 6 & 7 will take an EOG assessment in:

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics

    Sutton students in grade 8 will take an EOG assessment in:

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics*
    • Science
    • Social Studies.

    When? Who? What? (Updated for the 2019-2020 school year)

    • Monday, 4/27/20 - Algebra I Section 1 End-of-Course Assessment*
    • Tuesday, 4/28/20 - Algebra I Section 2 End-of-Course Assessment*
    • Wednesday, 4/29/20 - 7th & 8th Grades - Writing EOG
    • Thursday, 4/30/20 - 7th & 8th Grades - English Language Arts EOG
    • Monday, 5/04/20 - 7th & 8th Grades - Math Section 1 EOG*
    • Tuesday, 5/05/20 - 7th & 8th Grades - Math Section 2 EOG*
    • Wednesday, 5/06/20 - 6th Grade Writing EOG; 8th Grade - Science EOG
    • Thursday, 5/07/20 - 6th Grade English Language Arts EOG; 8th Grade - Social Studies EOG
    • Monday, 5/11/20 - 6th Grade - Math Section 1 EOG
    • Tuesday, 5/12/20 - 6th Grade - Math Section 2 EOG

    *if an 8th Grade student is enrolled in Algebra I, he/she will take the Algebra I End-of-Course Assessment instead of the Grade 8 Math EOG.