SAHS College and Career Month


    November 9th and 13th: 

    College Board and Khan Academy account set up, log in, connecting accounts, and studying. 

    November 16th and 20th 

    Career assessment 



    November 2nd is kick off day:

    • Dr. Ford message to the senior class
    • Alumni Panel

    College application focus each week: 

    • 11/2-11-6-Atlanta Metropolitan State College
    • 11/9-11/13-Savannah State
    • 11/16-11/20-Georgia State University
    • 11/30-12/4-Valdosta State University


    • Military Monday


    • Career Speakers


    Word out Wednesday Workshops:

    After acceptance workshops

    • Essay
    • HBCU Day
    • Top Tier schools

    Scholarship Day

    • A different scholarship will be distributed weekly in all senior classes and all advertising platforms.

    FAFSA Night every Wednesday


    • Virtual College Fairs

    Cash Money Friday

    • All things financial aid!  Information provided by financial aid officers/Student Finance Commission





    South Atlanta High School CEEB Code




    2020-2021 Scholarship Database

    The HOPE Scholarship
    HOPE is a merit-based scholarship that provides funding to Georgia students for eligible state public and private universities and public technical schools, and includes the following programs. Visit their website for more information.
    HOPE Scholarship—Recipient must graduate high school with a minimum 3.0 GPA and maintain a 3.0 in postsecondary school to remain eligible. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a HOPE Scholarship eligible college or university in Georgia.
    HOPE Grant—Available to Georgia residents who are pursuing a certificate or diploma. Recipient must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to remain eligible. The scholarship provides tuition assistance to students pursuing an undergraduate degree at a HOPE Scholarship eligible college or university in Georgia.
    Zell Miller Scholarship—Similar to the HOPE, but with more stringent academic requirements and a higher level of tuition assistance. Recipient must graduate from high school with a minimum 3.7 GPA, combined with a minimum SAT score of 1200 (combined reading and math) or ACT score of 26, and must maintain a 3.3 GPA in postsecondary school to remain eligible. Eligible students are provided full tuition assistance while pursuing an undergraduate degree to attend a Zell Miller Scholarship eligible college or university in Georgia.
    Zell Miller Grant—Available to Georgia residents who are pursuing a certificate or diploma. Recipient must maintain a minimum 3.5 GPA in postsecondary school to remain eligible. Eligible students are provided full-standard tuition assistance while enrolled at a Zell Miller Grant eligible college or university in Georgia.
    Are You HOPE Eligible?
    If you expect to be using the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarship next year, please make sure that your Social Security Number is on record at Grady. Check in the Registrar's office. You will not be able to get the scholarship if APS doesn't have this information!
    The HOPE Scholarship calculates your GPA using a specific formula, and your HOPE GPA might be different from the one on your transcript. So how do you figure out your HOPE GPA? Grady's counselors have developed a calculator, which you can find here. You also need a copy of your transcript (visit Parchment.com to request one). Remember: HOPE is calculated using ALL CORE ACADEMIC GRADES EARNED. (You can also visit GA Futures if you have an account there).
     Achieve Atlanta Scholarship
    Everyone who qualifies will get this scholarship! If you have financial need (that is, if you qualify for a Pell grant), and have an 80 GPA (75 GPA for two-year school), you WILL receive up to $5,000 for school. Do not leave this money unclaimed! You do need to complete a FAFSA. Find more information at the Achieve Atlanta website.

    Additional Scholarships

    Scholarship Name: Certa Law Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Scholarship

    Minimum eligibility requirements: The Certa Law Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Scholarship is open to senior high school student 

    Application deadline: December 15th each year

    Award amount: $1,000



    Why High School Counselors? 

    High school years are full of growth, promise, excitement, frustration, disappointment and hope. It is the time when students begin to discover what the future holds for them. Secondary school counselors enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement. School counseling programs are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set appropriate career goals and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community.

    Need an Appointment?

    Students who want to meet with their counselor should schedule an appointment in the School Counseling Office. Students are required to have a pass from their teacher to meet with their counselor during class time.Parents who would like to schedule an appointment with the counselors should call or e-mail the counseling counselor assigned to serve their child.


    Secondary School Counselors Collaborate with: 

    Academic planning/support 
    Post-secondary planning 
    Scholarship/financial search process 
    School-to-parent communications 
    School-to-work transition programs 
    One-on-one parent conferencing 
    Referral process 

    Academic support services 
    Program planning 
    Peer education program 
    Peer mediation program 
    Crisis management 
    Transition programs 

    Providing recommendations and assisting students with the post-secondary application process 
    Classroom guidance lessons on post-secondary planning, study skills, career development, etc. 
    School-to-work transition programs 
    Academic support, learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically 
    Classroom speakers 

    Academic support interventions 
    Behavioral management plans 
    School-wide needs assessments 
    Data sharing 
    Student assistance team development 

    Job shadowing, worked-based learning, part-time jobs, etc. 
    Crisis interventions 
    Career education




     Stay in Contact:

    Counselor contact information:

     9th grade -  Mr. Springfield jspringfield@apsk12.org

    10th grade-Mr. Hackney: branden.hackney@apsk12.org

    • Phone number: 302-536-8116
    • Google classroom code:  44wbx6g

    11th grade-Ms. Colbert: kei.ramseycolbert@apsk12.org

    12th grade-Ms. King: wanetta.king@apsk12.org

      • Phone number: 404-590-4728
      • Google classroom code: @8gea82




    Our Counselors




    Kei Colbert – Professional School Counselor

    11th Grade Counselor

    404-802-5010 (office)


    Class of 2022

    Ms. Colbert is a School Counselor who brings her passion for guiding high school students along their journey to graduation, and life beyond, to South Atlanta High School. Ms. Colbert was the College and Career Readiness Coordinator for the past two years at her previous high school. She comes with enthusiasm and expertise for giving all students the tools needed to pursue their future goals, with confidence.

    As a native New Yorker, Ms. Colbert first moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University, where she majored in Mass Media Arts/Public Relations (PR). Her PR career was brief, as her true calling was to be an advocate for underserved youth and communities. Hence, she enrolled in graduate school at The College of New Rochelle in NY, earning her Master’s Degree in Human Services/School Counseling.

    Ms. Colbert then dedicated her doctoral studies, in Counselor Education in Supervision, to extensively researching African-American adolescent psychology, multicultural counseling competencies, and social-emotional learning.

    Coaching sports is Ms. Colbert’s main passion. She is very serious about competitive cheerleading! She was recognized as the “2014 Coach of the Year” for Section I of NY State Public High School Athletic Association, after turning a team that never placed at cheer competitions into a winning program in three years.

    Outside of work, Ms. Colbert spends her time helping her husband with their family business with her husband, and raising her twin daughters. She is unapologetically one of “those moms” who loves to talk about her kids…and show you a picture!



    10th grade-Mr. Hackney: branden.hackney@apsk12.org

    • Phone number: 302-536-8116
    • Google classroom code:  44wbx6g

    Brandon Hackney

    Branden Hackney is the counselor for the Class of 2023. Mr. Hackney is originally from Ravenna, Ohio, but was raised in McDonough, GA. He attended The University of Michigan for his Bachelors in English degree, and then The University of North Carolina for his Master’s of Education degree. Mr. Hackney has worked as a high school counselor since 2009. He has 1 son, Emery, who is 13 and 1 dog, Ace. Mr. Hackney enjoys exercising and outdoor activities which include running and watching his son play baseball.




    Wanetta King

     12th Grade Counselor

    12th grade-Ms. King: wanetta.king@apsk12.org

      • Phone number: 404-590-4728
      • Google classroom code: @8gea82


    Ms. Wanetta M. King is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She started her career in school counseling in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Messmer High School and continued working as a counselor at Alief Hastings High School in Houston, Texas.  She is now a proud counselor at South Atlanta High School.

    With each location I can say I have been blessed to know I am helping future generations become leaders in our community.  Every day I wake up knowing that the work I do has purpose and meaning.  My professional qualifications include more than 18 years of combined solid hands-on experience as a Lead Counselor and School Counselor in high school settings and as an Academic Advisor in higher education. I have worked with a culturally diverse student population that includes special needs, gifted, and at-risk populations. To complement this skill set, I offer a broad based background as a facilitator and am highly adept in program management. I believe that every child can learn and we as educators have to find that tool that helps them “get it”.  One of my favorite quotes is “If You’re Not at the Table, You’re on the Menu”, so I consistently reiterate to my students that they have to be the decision maker for their futures otherwise others will decide their future for them.  So  I encourage them to take bold moves, push fear aside and go for it.  I have an open door policy so I look forward to working with the students, the parents, staff, and the city of Atlanta to help our young scholars reach the stars. 






     Text @SAHS2024 to 81010



    Mr. Springfield is currently in his 16th year as a Professional School Counselor. He has served in many leadership roles during his tenure in secondary education. Mr. Springfield loves being a change agent for children and strives to ensure that he is developing students Academically, Emotionally and Socially on a daily basis. His passion to develop leaders and socially conscious students is what drives him from day to day. Mr. Springfield is an avid  basketball and tennis player. He travels often and loves to immerse himself into different cultures. He is jazz aficionado…understanding that “music is the key to the soul. Mr. Springfield is the proud father of three children.  

    Please feel free to contact Mr. Springfield if you have any questions or concerns about your student. His email and office numbers are listed below.


    (404) 802-5063 Office

    (404) 802-9816 Fax

    Mr. Springfield encourages all parents to ensure that their students have accounts established on the following websites.  

    1. collegeboard.org (SAT registration and SAT preparation materials)
    2. act.org (ACT registration and ACT preparation materials)
    3. gafutures.org (Interest Inventories, Career Search, College Search)

    Mr. Springfield encourages that “ALL” parents and students start the search for scholarships now! Although students typically won’t start applying until their senior year, it’s never too early to start exploring the multitude of scholarships that are available.

    1. fastweb.com
    2. scholarship.com
    3. collegenet.com