• Volunteer Opportunities

    The Writing Center is always looking for volunteers for tutoring, workshops, presentations, and readings for our Author Series. If interested, contact Nick Chiles (nickwrite@yahoo.com) or Denene Millner (Denene@MyBrownBaby.com).
    Example Volunteer Tasks (outside of tutoring)

    Volunteer Job 1:

    Create and maintain both a virtual bulletin board and physical bulletin board for literary events happening around the city (especially free ones). Produce a monthly flyer and distribute to English teachers for posting.

    Volunteer Job 2:

    Create and maintain an Excel database of students who visit the Writing Center. Prepare report of attendance and send to English teachers.

    Volunteer Job 3:
    Assist in organizing special events for the Writing Center which could include author nights, workshops and receptions.

    Volunteer Job 4:
    Maintain and update notebooks on 1) GGT Writing Test; 2) College Essays; 3) Writing competitions in school and in the community; 4) Resume preparation

    Volunteer Job 5:

    Represent the Writing Center at various school events with materials and presentations.

    Volunteer Job 6:

    Create volunteer badges with Writing Center logo.

    Volunteer Job 7:

    Create posters of competition winners to post publicly on bulletin board or in Media Center.

    Volunteer Job 8:

    Help write grant for continued operating funds for the Writing Center.