Atlanta Public Schools follows Georgia’s four-tiered Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions to provide appropriate and effective Response to Intervention services, which incorporates universal screening, targeted interventions, and a team approach to decision-making and the development and implementation of services.

    Tiers I and II  Interventions are facilitated in the general education environment by grade level and department teams.  Documentation from each tier is utilized to make decisions regarding interventions and movement between tiers.

    Tier III  Interventions and services are facilitated by the Student Support Team (SST). The SST Chairperson ensures the process is followed and team decisions are made according to the outcome of data, indicating student progress.

                    Tier IV  Interventions and services are facilitated through specialized programs or   
                instructional delivery models such as the Program for Exceptional Children, English
                Language Learners, or Gifted Instruction.
    RTI Pyramid

    Sheronda Noel

    Comprehensive Support Coordinator


    (404) 802-2659


    Josette Bailey

    Behavior Coordinator


    (404) 802-1655




Last Modified on August 23, 2018