The Student Support Team process is a state-mandated and school-based intervention process.  As outlined in Georgia’s Student Achievement Pyramid of Interventions, Student Support Team Compliance serves as the basis for facilitation of Tier 3-Response to Intervention services. 

    The purpose of the Student Support Team is to provide support to both students and teachers with the outcome being improved student performance.
                                                                            (GaDoe: SST Resource Manual, 2008)

    The Response to Intervention District Team is committed to providing training, resources, and guidance to school-based teams to help ensure the delivery of high quality instruction, research-based interventions, progress monitoring, and prompt identification of at-risk students.
    Student Support Teams are comprised of interdisciplinary teachers, resource personnel, parents, and when necessary, the student.  The team uses a systematic, problem-solving approach to address learning and/or behavior difficulties experienced by students.  This includes students who are experiencing a lack of academic progress, are medically challenged, display behavior or emotional challenges, are Section 504 eligible or are in need of homebound instruction.


    Sheronda Noel
    Comprehensive Support Coordinator
    (404) 802-2659
    Josette Bailey
    Behavior Coordinator
    (404) 802-1655








Last Modified on March 18, 2019