03 SB204/AP
    Senate Bill 204
    By: Senators Reed of the 35th, Tanksley of the 32nd, Thomas of the 10th, Zamarripa of the 36th,
    Adelman of the 42nd and Levetan of the 40th


    AN ACT

    To continue the existence of the Atlanta Independent School System under the management and control of the Atlanta Board of Education; to provide for the composition, term of office, and qualifications of members of the board; to provide for continuation in office; to provide for education districts; to provide for an oath of office, officers, quorum, rules of procedure, voting requirements, abstention from voting, public meetings, public comments at meetings, and communication of minutes; to provide for the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the board; to restrict the powers of the board; to define terms; to provide for salaries and expenses of board members; to provide for vacation of office in certain circumstances; to provide for involuntary leaves of absence, suspension, and removal from office; to provide for recall; to provide for vacancies; to provide for a superintendent and appointment, powers and duties, residency, and responsibilities of such officer; to provide for a general counsel and an executive assistant; to provide for publication of performance levels and expenditures;

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