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    Posted by Francine Ferguson on 8/19/2012 3:00:00 AM
    Teacher Information
     My name is Francine Ferguson. I am in my tenth year of teaching. I taught for 4 years in Orlando, and have been at West Manor since 2007. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English, and a Master of Science in Mathematics. I teach all subjects. 
    Teaching Philosphy
    It has become contrite to say this but I believe all children are capable to academic success. I do not believe in labeling children with disabilities, real or imagined. I know first hand how acadmic success can be the foundation for unshakable confidence, and self-esteem.
    Grading Scale
    Performance Tasks (Projects)          30%
    Tests                                                  25%
    Quizzes                                             20%
    In-School Work                                 15%
    Homework                                          5%
    Participation                                        5%
    A Note about Grades
    A total of 4 grades are collected each week for all subjects: Reading, Writing/ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Health*. At the end of each quarter, students will have completed 3-5 Performance Tasks. Tests are given at the end of units of study, quizzes are often take home, or open book. In-school work is often assigned on Mondays mornings during P.D.N., homework is assigned everyday as opposed to at the beginning of the week, and particpation is broad and varied. The content covered in my classroom is based strictly on the standards required by Georgia Department of Education for all fifth grade students to master. This content can be found at All work completed in class, are directed toward standards mastery, and students are always aware what grade is being collected for any task at hand. The focus is not necessary on grades but on mastering standards associated with the task.
    Classroom Discipline
    My classroom discipline is modeled after Thomas W. Phelan's concept, 1-2-3 Magic. He believes that in order for any learning to occur, there must be some order in the classroom.
    In addition to established rules and procedures, students are given three opportunity to improve or correct undesirable behavior. If a student gets to three, a note is sent home to parent/guardian. If the behavior continues, a conference is held, and the student is put on a behavior modification plan. 
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