• Carver Early College Counselors
    School Counselor
    Mr. D. Hutcherson 

    Ms. K. Jackson
    The basic purpose of the guidance program is to make educational instruction more meaningful and beneficial for all students by helping them to better understand themselves, their environment, and their strengths and weaknesses in their search to become self-directed individuals.  Guidance services include individual and group counseling, testing, pupil placement, academic progress, advisement, career exploration, referrals, record keeping, and conflict management.
    Nearly all students in the course of normal growth and development have concerns and problems that may be addressed by a counselor.  The guidance counselors are more than willing to meet and work with all students who seek their assistance.  Students may come to the counselor's office between classes only if a crisis situation exists.  Each counselor will post regular hours and will be available to serve students/groups during the advisement period.