• Boys to Men Tie Ceremony
    Encouraging Boys to become M.E.N at Parks Middle School
    Middle School can be a difficult stage in any kid's life, especially adolescent
    males. The teenage years are a time of emotional development, heightened peer pressure,
    and rigorous academic requirements. Luckily for the boys at Parks Middle School,
     MacArthur Randolph, Communities In Schools of Atlanta Senior Program Coordinator
    has made it his mission to ensure the young men of Parks Middle are provided with
    the resources and support to overcome these difficult middle school years. Dressed
    in black slacks, white button down shirts, and red pin-strip ties, nearly seventy
    boys make up the "Boys to M.E.N" and "Males on the Move" program at Parks Middle School. The Boys to M.E.N
     (Making Education Number One) program and "Males on the Move", an after-school club led by Mr. Randolph,
    allows young men to express themselves in positive ways and realize and encourage
    all members to think outside of their communities and dream bigger than they have
    ever before," Randolph.
    Through the guidance and support of CIS of Atlanta and the Boys to M.E.N program,
    middle school and the challenges of adolescence will be less of a challenge for
    the young men of Parks Middle School.