• Conduct/Behavior
    All children at Adamsville Elementary are responsible for their learning and their behavior. I am a strong believer os postive reinforcement, but disciplinary actions such as "time out" in another room or no specials (or, if warranted, a trip to the office) may sometimes be needed to maintain a structred classroom for all students. It is my concern that the class be aware of themselves at all times, Recurring behavioral challenges may require me to notify you as well and ask that you come in for a conference. If a student needs daily reinforcement, a behavior modification plan may be worked out between us.
    If at any time you feel the need to inform me of something, pleasewrite a note as soon as possible or call school. Occasionally, a student comes to class upset over a problem that has occured outside of school which may afftect his/her work. If I'm aware of it, I will be better prepared to handle this situation.
    Your child's appropraite behavior is necessary for our children to learn what they need to succeed. With this in mind, please note the following procedures for conduct grades:
    Green, Yellow, Red behavior clips will be used in the classroom to indicate daily student behavior. Students using inapporpriate behavior will be given ONE verbal warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, the student will move his/her behavior clip to yellow. If inappropriate behavior continues further, the student will move their behavior card to red. At this point, a note will be sent home and it must be signed and returned the next day. Continuous disruptions in the classroom will result in the student receiving a note/phone call home or being sent to the office. Severe dusruptions will be dealt with differenttly and may result in a student moving his/her behavior clip directly to red or being sent to the office immediately.