• Admissions FAQ

    Q. When did CSKYWLA become a choice school? 
    A. The Atlanta Board of Education decided to allow APS families that are interested in the single gender model to apply for admission during their April 2012 board meeting. 

    Q. What does it mean to opt – in? 
    A. Students who reside in the previous enrollment zone may choose to "opt in" if they agree to abide by the uniform, discipline and attendance policies. Families who do not "opt in" must attend their zone school. Students that reside outside the CSKYWLA community must meet admission criteria and submit and application to the student placement office. Click here for more information on the application process. 

    Q. When does the application process begin? 
    A. The application window is May 19 – June 15, 2012. Families will receive admission decisions by June 30, 2012. All applications must be submitted to the Student Placement office. 

    Q. What information is required in the application? 
    A. Students must submit a complete application that includes the following – 
    • Official application 
    • Transcript 
    • Discipline Record 
    • Attendance Record 
    • Essay 
    • Interview 

    Q. What should students expect during the interview? 
    A. Students participate in a fishbowl interview to determine how they will enhance our learning community. The school seeks to add value to the sisterly culture by admitting young women who are committed to scholarship, service and leadership. 

    Q. How much is tuition for students that live outside of the Atlanta Public School district?
    A. The current tuition rate is $9,612 for regular education students and $10,000 plus services for special education students. The Atlanta Board of Education will set tuition rates for the 2012 – 2013 school year in July 2012. 

    Q. What small learning communities are available? 
    A. CSKYWLA High School's curriculum emphasizes sciences and mathematics. Our school currently offers two very rigorous pathways - engineering and biotechnology. 

    Q. Is transportation provided? 
    A. APS provides transportation to students residing in the priority enrollment zone. Students residing outside of this area must agree to provide their own transportation as a condition of acceptance.