• BMS Welcomes Accelerated Reader!
    What is Accelerated Reader?
    Accelerated Reader is a computerized reading management program used in the Atlanta Public Schools system. This program allows teachers to creatively monitor the reading progression of individual students. Students will be motivated to read, which will develop into a genuine love to read.
    How Does the Program Work?
    1) Student reads a book. A student reads or listens to an AR book that is within his/her reading level.
    2) Student takes a quiz. This computer quiz consists of 5 - 10 comprehension questions to measure how well he/she understood the book.
    3) You get information. After each computer quiz, a TOPS report is printed that tells how the student scored on the quiz. The teacher monitors these scores.
    How is the student's reading level determined?
    At the beginning of the school year, students will complete the STAR Reading assessment to determine their independent reading level (this reading level may also be referred to as their book level of ZPD).
    What is a ZPD and how is it related to a student's book level?
    The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) is the level of instruction that best suits your child.  Practicing reading with books that are too hard results in frustration. Practicing reading with books that are too easy does little to improve skills and leads to boredom. A students' ZPD represents a level that is neither too hard nor too easy, and is the level at which the most learning takes place.
    The ZPD can be loosely compared to a student's average grade level. A ZPD beginning with 71 would indicate a student's reading skills are comparable to those of an average seventh grader after the first month of the school year.
    What is a TOPS report?
    The TOPS report is generated after each quiz. This report gives the student immediate feedback about their performance on the quiz just taken. It also shows cumulative data about a student's progress for their quarter.
    What is TWI?
    TWI is an important part of the Accelerated Reader Program and is included in the TOPS report.
    • T stands for a student being read to (by a teacher or family member)
    • W means a student read with a family member or a friend.
    • I indicates that the student read the story independently

    Remember..."to", "with", and "independently", those are the ways a child can read.

    Is there an AR test for every book?
    No. Please check the AR Finder for a list of quizzes available. There are many boooks available at all levels.
    How can I find out if there is an AR quiz for a specific book and/or what the book level is for a particular book?
    Check the AR Finder to search for AR quizzes by title, author, or book level.
    Can students only take quizzes on books checked out from the school library?
    No. Students may read and take quizzes on books from home, the classroom library, or from the public library. However, they need to check that there is an AR quiz available at our school and that the book is within their individual ZPD. AR quizzes may only be taken at school.
    How are AR books marked in the school library?
    AR books are marked with a sticker on the spine. The book level (ZPD) has a label on the spine as well.
    Can I read AR books to my child?
    Yes. In fact, parents are encouraged to read to and with their children. Parents are their child's first teacher. The more that parents read, the higher the chances are that their child will enjoy reading.
    How do I know what my child's AR goals are?
    Every child has two goals:
    1. Pass tests with at least 85% accuracy: Single quiz scores should not be below 80% and a student's average quiz score should should not be below 85%.
    2. Earn points: Your child's individual goal is based on his/her book level (ZPD).

    How does my child earn points?

    Students can earn points by taking and passing a quiz. For example, if a student reads and passes quizzes for 4 books, he/she would earn 2 points