• bennett     Teaching Philosophy of Dietrice Bennett


                    "It takes a whole village to raise a child," according to an African-American proverb.  Throughout history, teachers have been educators, mentors, disciplinarians and much more to so many.  However, as one embraces a global community one has to face new technology and new paradigm shifts.  A plan to probe into the minds of students is upon us due to the changes in children's cultures, attitudes, and environments.  The early childhood learner has needs that range from social emotional, physical, mental and even technological.  Therefore, the ECE instructor must plan for such challenges of the 21st Century with energy, eagerness, experience, dedication, dependability, responsibility, creativeness, guidelines, and a plan to accomplish such ambitious goals and objectives of the school.

    apple Grading Scale

    Performance Tasks (Projects)          30%

    Tests                                                  25%

    Quizzes                                             20%

    In-School Work                                 15%

    Homework                                          5%

    Participation                                        5%
    computer Websites