•  Interactive Media Pathway

    Web Design  
    The Interactive Media program allows students to work with the latest technological tools and innovative curriculum in hands-on learning projects that include web page production, managing databases, and writing programming code to name a few. Students will also master standards pertaining to ethical and privacy issues related to computers, business, and the Internet. The program consists of three components: classroom/laboratory experiences, work-based learning opportunities that relate directly to classroom instruction, and the Career Technical Student Organization, Future Business Leaders of America, which provides co-curricular activities that build teamwork and leadership skills.

    The introductory course, Computing in a Modern World, provides a fundamental understanding of the operation of computers and computer networks and create useful programs implementing simple algorithms. By developing Web pages that include images, sound, and text, they can acquire a working understanding of the Internet, common formats for data transmission, and some insights into the design of the human- computer interface. Exposure to career possibilities and discussion of ethical issues relating to computers should also be important threads in this course. 

    Fundamentals of Web Design is the second course in the Interactive Media Career Pathway. This course will provide students with essential web page planning and development skills. Students will learn to write code manually and use graphical authoring tools. Students will also learn to work with web page layout and graphical elements, including images, hyperlinks, tables, forms, and frames. Mastery of these standards through project-based learning and leadership development activities of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) will help prepare students with a competitive edge for the global marketplace.

    The goal of the Advanced Web Design course is to provide students with the study of advanced topics in web design.  Computer in the Modern World and Beginning Web Design are both prerequisites for this course.   Upon completion of this course, students should have a thorough knowledge of all areas of web page design.  Topics include the web development process, advanced layout and design features, advanced study of scripting languages, site development with HTML editors, and web servers and databases.  This course also prepares students to take the CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification. 

    For more information regarding the Interactive Media pathway, please contact Dr. Shaundra Fears at sfears@atlanta.k12.ga.us. Please note that this program is being phased out and is not accepting new students.