• Students on Field Trip

    The role of the Department of Teaching and Learning is to prepare students to become College and Career Ready by:

    1. providing leadership and support to schools in each discipline;
    2. ensuring appropriate testing and assessment practices; 
    3. and working collaboratively with other departments to support principal and teacher quality.

    As part of its mission, the Department of Teaching and Learning will:

    • lead the development, implementation, monitoring and support of standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment to ensure that students master the standards;
    • assure alignment and consistency of the curriculum within and across grade levels;
    • provide resources and instructional strategies that promote high expectations and learning for all students;
    • guide and support teachers and administrators in the implementation of research-based curriculum and instructional practices;
    • organize, deliver, and support professional learning for teachers, district and regional instructional support staff and principals;
    • review programs and practices to ensure efficacy and to reflect current research;
    • provide oversight, direction and leadership for Pre-K and Adult Education programs.

     Teaching and Learning consists of the following departments and programs:





    Social Studies

    World Languages

    Career, Technical and Educational Education

    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    Gifted and Talented

    Fine and Performing Arts

    Health and Physical Education

    Professional Development

    For more information contact:
    Dr. Olivine Roberts
    Deputy Chief of Schools and Academics
    130 Trinity Avenue, S.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30303-3624
    (phone) 404-802-2724
    (fax) 404-802-1601