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     In order to be eligible for Georgia's Hope Scholarship, a student must have a copy of their social security card on file. Submission of a social security card by the beginning of the 9th grade year is recommended to begin tracking Hope Scholarship eligibility.


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    What do I need to enroll?
    Students new to APS (students entering Kindergarten, coming to APS from other school districts, private schools or charter schools) should complete an enrollment form.
    ENGLISH Enrollment Form- Spanish     
     e. of birth
    The following items may satisfy the requirement for a student's date of birth.
             1. An original or state certified birth certificate  
    2..A hospital copy of the birth certificate accompanied by an affidavit sworn by the parent/legal guardian.   
    3. A duly attested transcript of a certificate of baptism showing date of birth accompanied by an affidavit sworn to by the parent/legal guardian. 
    4. An insurance policy on the child’s life which has been in force for at least two years.
    5. A passport to certify the child’s arrival in the United States, showing the age of the child.
    6. Other documentation by a governmental agency to include but not be limited to Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), U.S. State Department and U.S. Customs. 
    7. The student’s military ID;
    8. The student’s valid driver’s license;
    9. An adoption record;
    10. An official school transcript; or
    11. If none of these items can be produced, an affidavit of age sworn to by the parent, guardian or other person accompanied by a certificate of age signed by a licensed practicing physician, which certificate states that the physician has examined the child and believes that the age as stated in the affidavit is substantially correct.
    Parents registering new students for school can now order Georgia birth certificates online directly from the State of Georgia. The Georgia Technology Authority partnering with the Georgia Department of Public Health provides Request Official Vital Event Records (ROVER), making it convenient to order certificates directly from the State of Georgia. 
    The person enrolling a student should present proper identification. This identification may include a driver’s license, a state identification card, a passport, or other official photo identification, such as an ID card obtained through an official government agency or consulate.
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    Enrolling students shall present an official transcript of work or credit at the time of enrollment. If a transcript is not presented, the student shall be accepted provisionally in the grade to which they indicate membership. If, upon receipt of an official transcript, it is found that the student has been enrolled in the wrong subject or grade, the student shall be withdrawn immediately and re-enrolled in the appropriate grade or subjects. The parent(s)/legal guardian(s) shall be informed in writing of the change
    Students enrolling without official transcripts shall be accepted provisionally in the grade to which they indicate membership. Records of each student’s previous work should be required before final placement is determined. A reasonable effort should be made to obtain such records. If the records are not forthcoming within 30 calendar days, an academic assessment shall be made by the school to determine final placement. For details on students entering from home study programs, see administrative regulation JBC (2)-R Home Study.
    By state law, a valid certificate of immunization or a notarized statement of religious exemption is required for enrollment. The certificate of immunization must be completed by the health department or your private physician. A valid immunization form must be marked with either “Date of Expiration” or as “Complete for School Attendance.” (A certificate marked with a “Date of Expiration” expires on the date indicated. A current certificate must be submitted within 30 days of expiration.) A medical exemption should be noted on the immunization form with a current date of expiration. 
    For enrollment, a certificate showing the vision, hearing, and dental exam is needed. This information should be obtained within the last year and should be on the designated Georgia Form. This form is available from the health department or your physician and dentist. Letters from appropriate healthcare professionals and out-of-state certificates are acceptable, if completed within the last 12 months and stapled to the state form.

    Proof of Legal Guardianship is required for enrollment if the enrolling adult is not the birth parent. If the person presenting the student for enrollment is not that student’s parent/guardian or grandparent, the school will require the enrolling person to fully complete the Kinship Caregiver Affidavit  . The enrolling person must stand in loco parentis (i.e., be charged with or have assumed the duties and responsibilities of a parent such as providing food, shelter, clothing and medical care). A grandparent may enroll a student by presenting a Grandparent Power of Attorney for the Care of a Minor Child.

    To learn more, contact Fulton County Probate Court at 404-613-4070. The Fulton County Probate Court is located at 136 Pryor Street SW, Suite C-230, Atlanta, Georgia 30303. Click here to visit the Fulton County Probate Court's web page.


    If legal custody of a child is split between two parents, in ADDITION to the documents listed above, you must also attach a certified copy of the most recent court order identifying each parent’s respective award of physical custody. You are responsible to immediately inform the school of any changes to the court order. The District may request proof of legal custody in situations involving multiple adults claiming control of the same student.
    Students will be asked for a social security number at the time of enrollment. The lack of or objection to providing a social security number will not prevent the student from being enrolled.  Students should not be denied enrollment due to lack of a social security number. Parents and legal guardian may sign the following form to exempt them from providing a social security number: Objection to Use of Social Security Number.
    For more information or assistance, please contact Student Assignment at 404-802-2233 or studentassignment@atlanta.k12.ga.us

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