Grady Science Support Team




    Who we are?

    The Grady Science Support Team is a group of parents, teachers, and community members committed to providing the necessary support to our teachers and school to help ensure the highest quality science education for our students.

    Why science matters?

    Our world is increasingly being shaped by science and technology. Now more than ever, a solid science education matters. Our country relies on a well-educated and trained pool of talent to make discoveries, advances and innovations that have and will continue to make our country a leader in science and technology. Our student’s personal and professional success depends on having strong logic, analysis and problem solving skills that a solid science education can provide.  So, whether your student wants to be a doctor, engineer, or scientist, or they just want to complete the four science units required for high school graduation, SCIENCE MATTERS!

    To learn more about why science matters, visit the National Science Teachers Association SCIENCE MATTERS website.

    What kind of support do we offer?

    ·         Fundraising to support science curriculum activities including supplemental lab supplies and materials

    ·         Coordinating guest speakers and promoting science enrichment resources and activities

    ·         Promoting science-based student internship, volunteer and job opportunities

    ·         Promoting science fair resources  and help navigating the science fair process

    How you can get involved?
    If you would like to get involved in this important science movement, please email Rasha  Hamouda (mumisho2@gmail.com) or Irina Swift (swift.irina@gmail.com )