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    School Fundraising Made Easy!
    THE TRUEBLUE WAY with Georgia Natural Gas®.
    Grady High School is participating in the Georgia Natural Gas TrueBlue Schools Program. It’s an easy way to for our school to earn donations directly from Georgia Natural Gas every time you pay your natural gas bill.
    Georgia Natural Gas (GNG) has already donated $1.5 million to Georgia schools, and schools just like ours have raised more than $5,000 in a matter of months! We can do this too, but we need your help. 
    Similar to other buyer-rewards programs, the first step is becoming a Georgia Natural Gas customer.  Here’s how you can sign up:
    ·         Visit TrueBlueSchools.com or call1-866.ONLYGNG to sign up for Georgia Natural Gas. Use Promo Code: TrueBlue
    TrueBlue Schools’ participants are eligible to receive an up to $0.15 per therm discount off their monthly gas bill by choose Georgia Natural Gas. 
    • Receive your new GNG account number by email within 24 hours, or immediately over the phone.
    ·         Then visit TrueBlueSchools.com and select Our School to receive donations - $5 every time you pay your bill. 
    If you’re already a loyal Georgia Natural Gas customer, visit TrueBlueSchools.com to designate Grady High School. GNG will donate $5 each month you pay your gas bill. That’s $60 a year to our school.
    With your support of this program we can reach our fundraising goals! Remember, the more customers who participate in the TrueBlue Schools Program and select Grady High School, the greater our school’s donation!