• Welcome to the Textbook Office 

    The Textbook Office supports the needs of all schools by ensuring the availability of current instructional materials that are correlated to state standards; provide rigor for high performing student achievement; foster engaging student-centered instruction; integrate the use of technology; and provide multi-faceted teacher support. 

    By serving as a liaison between textbook publishers, Atlanta Public Schools and the State Department of Education, the Textbook Office ensures compliance with Georgia's legislative Provision of 1937, known as the Free Textbook Law, through the acquisition and equitable distribution of instructional materials for state-funded courses.



    Textbook Inventory Management Through Automation - Destiny

    Atlanta Public Schools has completed implementation of Destiny Textbook Manager, an automated textbook inventory management system, in all schools.  Automation will provide the ability to manage textbook resources in an efficient and effective way by streamlining physical inventory, increasing accountability with easy-to-use distribution and collection procedures, and ensuring standardization of textbook management processes for the entire district.


    For more information contact:

    Paige Walton
    Textbook Administrator 
    Atlanta Public Schools
    130 Trinity Avenue S.W.
    Atlanta, GA  30303