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    This link takes you to the 202-page Study Guide for the 5th Grade Georgia Milestone Assessment.




     For keyboarding practice visit the 5th Grade Technology Site http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/Page/37048    




    This link takes you to the Content Weights for all grades and subjects. Check the column for 5th grade to see the percentage breakdown for each domain in each subject.


    Answers to Questions from the 5th Grade Parent Meeting

     1.      Will the students be able to write the rough draft before typing?


    The information for Georgia Milestone from Department of Education does not suggest that students will be given the opportunity to write a rough draft before typing their final draft. It is also not definite that students will take their Milestones on the computer since the school may not be able to support computerized testing. As information is received, all will be notified.


    2.      Is there a way to create a 5th grade page on West Manor’s website to keep parents abreast of news of Georgia Milestones as we receive it?


    All information regarding the Georgia Milestones will be posted on West Manor’s website, on the 5th grade page.  As new information is added to the page, a notice will be sent from the teacher, the school, and/or the e-blast so parents are kept abreast.


    3.      How can we get information about GOFAR to parents?


    Information in GOFAR is not currently accessible to parents.


    4.      Will the district have Georgia Milestones meetings?


    The information the district receives will funnel to schools, and schools will send information out to parents.


    5.      How will the students be prepared for the “typing” portion of the Milestones so they are not as timid at the time of the test?


    Per Ms. Jennifer Whitaker-Graham, the month of December will be devoted to students practicing their keyboarding skills.


    6.      What program can we (not Microsoft Word) use where students are not given auto-correct? In what program can I create open text box?


    Word Pad (a program within Microsoft Accessories) allows students to type without auto-correcting.


    See below for links for from Georgia Department of Education.




    http://www.gaexperienceonline.com/  This is the practice site for the GMAS. It will allow students to become familiar with the online tools.  Choose Test Practice; End of Grade - online tools training; EOG test practice; Standard online tools - Grades 3 - 5; then sign in with the given username and password. 




    Georgia Milestones Systems Video




    We are pleased to announce that the new Experience Online Testing Georgia website is available with a demonstration test for each of three grade bands – grades 3-5, grades 6-8, and high school – with sample items from each content area.  The primary purpose of this website is to provide exposure to the online platform that students will utilize when taking the Georgia Milestones tests. For this public-facing site, please be aware that Google Chrome is the only supported browser.  Using Google Chrome, these public demonstration tests can be taken on any supported device, including Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops and laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and Android devices.




    Georgia Experience Online




    Below are teacher resources to aid in preparation for the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessment.




    Georgia Milestones Systems Video




    Georgia Milestones Study Guides




    Georgia Milestones Test Blueprints




    Georgia Milestones Assessment Guides




    GOFAR Resources







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