• After-School All-Stars Atlanta

    Contact Information:                Dr. Walt Thompson - Executive Director

    After-School All-Stars Atlanta

    P.O. Box 3980

    Atlanta, GA 30302-3980

    (404) 413-8365 (voice,office)




    Mission:  To provide opportunities for young people to participate in educational, sports, cultural and community enrichment programs during after school.

    Goals:  To offer a quality, high performing program with collaborative leadership in which students get better grades in conduct and school, more opportunities for academic and personal growth, and enhance peer relations and emotional adjustment.

    Target Audience:  Middle Schools


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities:  After-School All-Stars Atlanta provides comprehensive after-school programs that are fun for kids and also keep them safe and help them achieve success.  This program improves kids’ lives by nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits through programs that incorporate independent learning, academics and enrichment activities.  Programming falls into five structured and organized categories, each led by a State Certified Teacher:  Academic Remediation and Enrichment, Cultural Enrichment, Technology, Recreation, and Parental Involvement. 

    Academic Component:  The academic component falls into three categories: independent learning, project-based learning, and enrichment. 

    Family Component:  Each semester, After-School All-Stars hosts a “Family Night” (as opposed to a “Parent Night”).  The Family Night is an opportunity for students to perform and for the parents to learn about the importance of after school programs.  The families enjoy their student’s performance and also a hot nutritious meal.


    Program Fees:  none


    Number of Programs:  22 (10 in APS, 1 in Fulton County Schools, 9 in City of Atlanta Centers of Hope, 1 at City of Refuge, 1 at Atlanta Mission). 


    Current Number of Programs Provided in APS:  10 (After-School All-Stars began providing after school programs in 1999 in selected elementary schools as enhancements to already existing after school programs; the middle school strategy started in 2002).

                                                                 Afterschool Classe' LLC


    Contact Information:                JANICE MAYCOCK - President             

                                                    6411 El Caudillo Ct.





    Mission:  The mission of AfterSchool CLASSÉ is to provide a safe and nurturing environment that enhances academic achievement, leadership skills, cultural awareness; promotes positive behavior and improves social, physical and creative skills through stimulating and challenging activities.



    Goal (s):

    • A World Class after school program that provides an environment where students explore, develop and improve academically, socially and creatively.
    • A program that targets the “whole” child’s potential and abilities which enables success for all. Plus, provide an outlet for children to have wholesome FUN!
    • To promote critical thinking and analytical skills
    • To improve oral and written communication skills


    Target Audience:  K-5


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: 

    Afterschool Classe Offers:


    • Ample supervised time for students to work on homework assignments.
    • Choices of challenging games and activities
    • Leadership / Character / Etiquette
    • Experimental Learning and Service Learning Projects
    • Nutritious snacks.
    • Examples of Enrichment activities.



    Discover Architecture

    Arts and Crafts

    STEAM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)


    • Individual tutoring available.
    • Outside play, Physical fitness activities
    • Cultural / International Awareness
    • Special Events and Programs


    Academic Component: (state specific content)

    Staff will utilize curriculum from Kidz Read and Math

    K’Nex Education (STEM)

    Spelling Bees and Math Quiz Bowls

    Essay Contests


    Family Component:  Parents will be encouraged to participate in the parent club, volunteer as tutors, chaperones, participate in parent-student night activities, provide resources for program activities and engage in parent workshops.


    Program Fees:  (1) Registration   (2) Weekly (3) Occasional Activity fee   (4) Drop-In fee


    Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in) - 6


    Current number of programs provided in APS:  4

                            Number of years providing services in APS:  12


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children


    Additional information:


    AfterSchool Classe′ LLC is the First Nationally Accredited after school program in Atlanta Public Schools.  Highlights of our program includes: Art Displayed at Hartsfield-Jackson  International Airport.  Invitation and visit to Mayor Kasim Reed’s Office.  International Skype collaboration with the Greengates Independent School in Mexico City, Mex.  Visit to Washington DC. General Mills BoxTops for Education Hero of the Month.


    Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Atlanta


    Contact Information:                Missy Dugan - President/CEO

                                                    1275 Peachtree St. NE Suite 500

                                                    Atlanta, GA 30303


                                                    mdugan@bgcma.org or cwilliams@bgcma.org



    Mission: BGCMA saves and changes the lives of children and teens, especially those who need us most, by providing a safe, positive and engaging environment and programs that prepare and inspire them to achieve Great Futures.


    Goal (s): Students develop attitudes towards their learning abilities, Increase students’ academic achievement, Increase parental engagement and satisfaction, increase positive behaviors, Guide students and parents into middle and high school after-school program enrollment to continue their academic support


    Target Audience: K-5th graders


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Academic Enrichment, Arts, Healthy Lifestyles, and Character and Leadership Programs


    Academic Component:


    Science & math will be enhanced through fun activities including the NASA summer camp, robotics, math club and kids’ College math computer aided program

    English Language Arts/Reading will include activities such as spoken word, Story Cove, Book Club, Journalism, Drama and Kids’ College reading computer-aided program

    Creative Thinking skills will be encouraged in all program areas including Inventors’ Workshop, Chess and word games

    Performing and Visual Arts activities such as dance, band, martial arts, painting, drawing and crafts will allow the students the opportunity to discover and improve some of their special individual interests and provide creative outlet to build self-discipline skills


    Family Component: Parents are required to attend quarterly events and provide at least 4 hours of community service time to the program.


    Program Fees: One time membership fee of $50


    Number of Programs: varies, depending on funding


    Current number of programs provided in APS: 1

                            Number of years providing services in APS: 4


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


                                                              East Lake Family YMCA


    Contact Information:                   Diane Armstrong-Stuckey         

                                                       Regional Program Director

                                                       275 East Lake Blvd

                                                       Atlanta, GA  30317





    Mission: The YMCA After-school program is to provide quality services for all children to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically in a safe environment.  Family and community involvement are strongly encouraged to support program goals.  Reasonable fees are available to accommodate the entire community.


    Goal (s):  To assist children in reaching their full potential in school and socially through fun educational activities, games and recreational exciting fun.


    Target Audience:  Children attending the school being served in need of after school services.


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities:  After school program held in the school, which provide fun and educational activities for children.


    Academic Component: (state specific content) Homework assistance and academic enrichment fun activities


    Family Component: Scheduled family fun nights and special events for the entire family


    Program Fees: (Do not have to include the amount.  State the type of fees: registration; weekly and/or activity) Registration fee and Weekly fee


    Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in) As many as need


    Current number of programs provided in APS: 13 years

                            Number of years providing services in APS


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children 

                                                               E.A.S.Y  “ Enriching After School Youth”


    Contact Information:                 Deborah V. & Jimmy Neason, Co-Founders

                                                     Deborah V. Neason, Program Director

                                                     4081 Kingship Dr.  Ellenwood, GA. 30294




    Mission:  Our mission is to SIMPLY enrich the lives of children through Caring, Playing and Learning.


    Goal (s): The goals of the E.A.S.Y School Age Care Program will focus on three main components of what we believe is crucial to the academic and social development of the  “whole child”.  E.A.S.Y School Age Care Program’s philosophy is through the combination of caring, play and learning, children’s lives will be enriched through Experiential Learning and Project Based Activities.  E.A.S.Y School Age Care Program will foster daily objectives/goals to make learning easy and enjoyable for all children.  We will promote the power of caring for oneself and others by providing children with hands-on and real life experiences as well as understanding and appreciation of diverse people and cultures.  In addition, we believe that play creates an atmosphere and learning environment that is fun, non-competitive, enjoyable and the link to true life long learning.


    Target Audience: Ages 5 yrs-13yrs


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Children that are enrolled in E.A.S.Y after school program will have the opportunity to participate in Science, Math, Art, Reading and Technology, clubs.  The following are some of the programs and activities that will be offered in the individual clubs:  Science- children will explore in science labs & experimentations, Plant & Animal Science ( Visiting Botanical & local gardens and the Atlanta Zoo. Children will fundraise for local homeless pet shelters) “Big Thinkers Science Program will host on site field trips for all students in the program. Power of Wind exploration program will have an annual “ Family Kite Day” to kick off the fall season.  Children will create and design their own kites, families will be invited to participate) Math- children will learn the value of the dollar by researching international currency, banking systems and Wall Street.  Children will visit the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank.  Children will learn to play Checkers & Chess (age- appropriate); children will create their own board games that will be used during programming. (Program will have a monthly “ Family Bingo Day” using the bingo boards that the children create.  Children will host the Bingo Games) Art-Children will participate in Pottery & Playdoh, drama, music, Young Artist clubs.  Children will have the opportunity to put on Art Exhibits for family and community members.  Program will have an annual Art Show displaying the children’s artwork.  A silent auction will take place and the proceeds will be donated to the children’s charity of choice, on behalf of the children that participates in E.A.S.Y. after school program.  Reading- children will participate in the Helen Ruffin Book club, Hip Hop Flocabulary, foreign language, poetry & creative writing clubs.  Children will operate a recycling mobile book library.  Program will host an annual “ Poetry Reading & Spoken Word” evening (community Poets and families will be invited to participate.) Technology- Children will participate in animation, robotics, social media, photography, computer gaming clubs. Children will have the opportunity to maximize their overall Health and Wellness by encouraging each individual child to participate in at least 60 minutes of active fun play daily. There will be a variety of sports and recreational mini camps and clubs. ( ex. Lacrosse, golf, dance, flag football, swimming, soccer, yoga, zumba, break dancing and more).  All children will have the opportunity to participate in a non-competitive environment.


    Academic Component: E.A.S.Y will use the “SMART”approach-enriching Science, Math, Art, Reading and Technology.  The Learning Component will include the three focus academic areas needing improvement at Atlanta Public Schools.  Our goal is to have a positive academic impact on the children that are enrolled in our after school program by offering enrichment clubs in Reading, Math and Science through an Experiential Learning Approach.  Children will be offered the opportunities to Learn through Play, which will enable our after school program to assist APS in reaching their goals in Reading (Grades 1-5) to increase reading grade average.  CRCT-to increase the number of students 3rd-5th scoring in the meets/exceeds range of the Reading/Language Arts portion on the CRCT, Math (Grades 1-5) to increase math grade average.  CRCT-to increase the number of students in grade 3rd-5th scoring in the meets/exceeds range of the Math portion of the CRCT.  Science to increase Pre/Post assessments for  Grade Levels K-5th.


    Family Component: Our after school program will offer a PG-(Parental Guidance) club.  Parents will have the opportunity to volunteer in different enrichment clubs and after-school groups.  Our program will have a PG display board that will have informative information displayed weekly for our after school parents.  Also, there will be a suggestion box at the sign in/out table for parents to provide feedback on the program.  A monthly newsletter will go out to parents and the school informing them on what’s new and going on in E.A.S.Y after school program.  Parents and families will be invited to come out to our monthly BINGO day, Poetry & Spoken Word Night, Family Kite Day, Children Art Exhibit and much more.  We will kick off our after school program with a Family Meet & Greet Gathering and conclude our program with an annual “ Family Field Day”  families will get together during the first and last week of school and participate in a old school style picnic.  We will solicit the assistance from family members of participants to help with games, food music, and other family fun activities.


    Program Fees:  Annual Registration and Activity Fee, Weekly Tuition Fee


    Number of Programs:  1st yr. E.A.S.Y. will be offered in one school


    Current number of programs provided in APS: -0-                       


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experience in providing services and/or programs to children


    20+yrs experience in Early Childhood Development & Elementary Education


    Resume available upon request


    Additional information:  E.A.S.Y School Age Care Program looks forward to

    working in conjunction with Atlanta Public Schools.  We are sure to have a wonderful and successful after school year.  Thank you for your consideration!!!!


    Family Support Circle, Inc.


    Contact Information:                Elna Poulard - President & Founder

                            Lydia Pierre, Youth Program Coordinator                       

                                                    155 Westridge Pkwy, Suite 215

                                                    McDonough,GA 30253

                                                    (770) 378-4070      Fax: (678) 604-8180




    Mission: The mission of the FSC-Youth Excellence Program is to empower every young man and woman to achieve his/her full potential and personal goal and to enable them to become vital contributors to our complex global society.


    Goal (s): Our goal is to make a difference in every young person's life, one at a time. One by one, we will build a community of healthy, happy, well-educated, career-minded, confident, self-reliant, and successful young people.

    Vision: The FSC Youth Excellence program is committed to helping young men and young women develop their fullest potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.


    To encourage and support one another, respectful of one other's unique talents and interests, aware of, and accepting of cultural, racial, religious, and economic backgrounds that may be different from their own and to prepare youth not only for positive college experiences, but for lifelong opportunities.


    Target Audience: Afterschool – Elementary and Middle School students – Summer Enrichment– Grades 3rd – 10th


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities:

    Homework help, tutoring, social/recreational activities, field trips, mentoring and & abstinence education


    Academic Component: (state specific content)

    Math, Language Arts & Science


    Family Component:

    Parent Training, Conference and Community Involvement


    Program Fees: (Do not have to include the amount.  State the type of fees: registration; weekly and/or activity)

    There is a registration fee and semester based on agreement


    Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in)

    Two schools will be targeted year one; will increase one school per year thereafter


    Current number of programs provided in APS: NONE

                            Number of years providing services in APS-NONE


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children

    The organization has been providing afterschool and summer enrichment programs for approximately 17 years.  The Program started in Pennsylvania and expanded to Georgia since summer 2007. The program started in Henry County since 2007 and opened a community-based program in apartment complexes in Fall 2012 in Fulton County.


    Additional information:

    The Youth Excellence Program - Afterschool



    Middle School operates four days a week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:45PM – 7:00PM


    Elementary school operates four days a week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:45PM – 6:30PM   . We follow the same schedule as the school system.


    Summer Enrichment Program - operates four days a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30AM – 4:30PM with early drop off at 8:00Am and late Pick-up at 5:00PM.
                                                                         Generation Infocus


    Contact Information:              Tiffany Ray – Executive Director (tiffany@generationinfocus.com)

                                                     P.O. Box 1472

                                                     Austell, GA 30168





    Mission: Generation Infocus (GI) is a STEM/STEAM (Artistic Design) connection after school and summer project based learning organization which believes that positive social change and academic performance acceleration can be achieved through hands-on minds-on STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic Design and Math) focused programming. GI is redefining the focus of after school time and summer camp learning experiences. Our mission is to be committed to intentionally providing STEAM learning opportunities and career exposure that enhance student’s interest in STEAM focused 21st century job opportunities in grades K-12.


    Goal (s): Generation Infocus’ goal is to provide K-12 students with a unique learning experience by providing a full science, technology, engineering, artistic design and math hands-on after school program for every child in our program. Our program is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. We work to bridge programming that supports the traditional learning day, pacing our hands-on project based learning activities with each school/district’s curriculum mapping and the principals school improvement plan (SIP); an excellent program addition to IB and progressive schools. We also incorporate multicultural connections in our lessons, exposing students to global events and foreign language literacy in French and/or Spanish and/or Korean in connection with STEAM projects; dove tailing perfectly with dual language immersion programs. As a part of our 21st century STEM career connection opportunity in our full after school programs, we have created community partnerships that enable students to meet STEM career professionals and complete STEM activities related to various STEM careers. Our goal is to be the critical difference in after school programming. GI’s programming/structure has been developed by certified instructional designers and certified educators with a combined 20+ years teaching and/or school administration experience.


    Target Audience: Generation Infocus’ target audience is students in grades K-12


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Daily Full STEM/STEAM After School Program


    Elective Classes

    • Circuitry-In-Motion (Circuits and Robotics – Beyond Legos)
    • Scratch (Computer Programming)
    • Pre-Med (Health Sciences)
    • Music Studio Technology (EarSketch)
    • Artistic Design & Technology (Fashion, Art and Computer Programming)
    • Kids Zumba


    Academic Component: (state specific content)

    Generation Infocus’s STEM/STEAM after school program is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.


    Family Component:  STEM/STEAM Family Night, Science Night, Math Night


    Program Fees: (Do not have to include the amount.  State the type of fees: registration; weekly and/or activity)


    Registration Fee, Monthly Pre-paid After School Program, Late Payment Fee, Drop-In After School Fee, 8 Week Elective Class Fee


    Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in) Generation Infocus is able to provide programming to 15 schools in APS this 2014-2015 school year.


    Current number of programs provided in APS or other school districts: 3


    Additional information: GI will create programming that meets the needs of each school.

    Generation Infocus (STEM/STEAM AfterSchool Program)

    Global Tech Academy Inc.

    Contact Information:                Bernardo K. Baker Sr. - Owner

                                                    Yulanda J Baker, Director

                                                   3645 Marketplace Blvd., Suite 130-349

                                                    East Point, GA 30344

                                                    (404) 919-9948




    Mission:  Global Tech Academy Inc. mission is to empower a new generation of students by integrating technology programs into everyday life, to pave the way for the future.


    Goal(s):  To provide afterschool enrichment programs that focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) based learning.  To afford the students with opportunities to apply technology effectively to gain knowledge, develop skills, and create an exciting learning experience that will prepare them for 21st century technology.


    Target Audience:  Our target audience is school aged children Pre-K - 12th grade


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities:  Licensed by the State of Georgia, our programs provide afterschool enrichment technology programs.  We offer 3D Animation, Digital Photography, Environment of the Computer, Game Design & Simulation, Graphics Design, I-Movie, Robotics, Video Production, Web Design.  We provide snacks, homework, tutorial assistance, and active play.


    Academic Component:  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).


    Family Component:  Global Tech Academy Inc. will form a partnership with the parents to keep them abreast of their child’s progress.  Each student will receive a flash drive that supports each program the student is taking.  Parents will be able to chart their child’s progress related to the curriculum, learning objectives and methods of assessment.  A monthly newsletter will be provided to inform parents of upcoming events.


    Program Fees:  Our program collects registration and weekly fees.  We accept CAPS.


    Number of Programs:  We can currently provide quality programming to any available schools.


    Current number of programs provided in APS or another school system:  We are currently located at 2 schools in Fulton County.


                                                                  The Hive, LLC


    Contact Information:                 Susan Dennis - Director

                                                     2121 Howell Mill Rd #121

                                                     Atlanta, GA 30318





    Mission: The Hive supports the development of well-rounded students through professional instruction in academics, physical education, and the arts.


    Goal (s): Provide a safe and enriching environment. Support school curriculum. Provide enrichment opportunities.


    Target Audience: K – 5th


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: After-school, Martial Arts, Yoga, Chess, Architecture, Science, Tennis, Golf, Drama, Ballet, Hip Hop, Bricks4Kidz


    Academic Component: (state specific content)

    Daily programming to complement current grade level focus.

    Units on character development, physical fitness, cultural diversity, etc.


    Family Component: Open communication through newsletter. Open door policy. Parent involvement in special events.


    Program Fees: (Do not have to include the amount.  State the type of fees: registration; weekly and/or activity)

    Registration, monthly or twice monthly, and enrichment activity fees


    Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in):



    Current number of programs provided in APS:

    1 program, 6 years  

                                                                   Intisar Inc.


    Contact Information:                Maudette Miles - Owner/Director

                                                    3935 Rux Road SW

                                                    Atlanta, GA 30331

                                                    404-802-7871 and 404-702-5445



    Mission:  To provide a quality before and after school program that supports the curriculum goals of the Atlanta public schools system. To promote the development of the whole child through educational, social, cultural, and recreational activities in the afterschool programs.


    Goal: Intisar seeks to create lifelong learners by connecting activities that will connect the classroom to the community

    Target Audience: Pre-K-5th Grade


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Intisar Inc., afterschool program at R.N. Fickett Elementary, provides homework assistance to its students and offers enrichment activities that connect classroom learning to the community.


    Academic Component: Intisar Inc., supports the goals set by the school and APS.


    Program Fees: Registration (one-time fee), Activity fee (due at registration) and some activity specific fees, and weekly fee.


    Number of Programs: Intisar Inc., afterschool is at R.N. Fickett Elementary School


    Current number of programs provided in APS:

    Intisar Inc., afterschool has been providing programs to R.N. Fickett Elementary School for 15 years.  



    Jackson After School, Morningside After School, Smith After School


    Contact Information:                            Kim Bishop, Owner       

                                                                5075 Hampton’s Club Dr.

                                                                Alpharetta, GA 30004


                                                                kimbishop@bellsouth.net                                                                                                                      www.myafterschoolprogram.com


    Mission:  The mission of our afterschool programs is to provide a healthy and safe environment in which children are provided the opportunities to explore, learn, and grow through choices and exploration. Students are given the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities, study time, physical exercise and homework help sessions.


    Goal:  The goal of our programs is be a convenient and consistent source of professional childcare for our families.  We drive to be a program where families are comfortable and the children are excited to attend.


    Target Audience:  Our target audience is students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade that attend W.T Jackson, Sarah Smith, Morningside Elementary Schools.


    Types of Services/Programs/Activities:  We provide afterschool childcare to students at the above mentioned schools.  We also will assist in organizing all afterschool activities offered to the students once school is dismissed.  These activities include chess, drama, soccer, karate, gymnastics, art, dance, science, and etiquette.


    Academic Component:  Our teachers are trained professionals who assist students during a daily homework /academic time.  During this allocated time, students complete homework, work on timely academic activities, as well as structured academic driven games.  Our teachers focus on science, math, reading, as well as the social needs of the students, including decision making and character development and responsibility activities.


    Family Component:  We recognize that our families are very busy and family time is very important.  We work diligently to see that the academic, social, and personal needs of our students are met while in our programs so that when they are home they are able to have quality family time.  Parents are encouraged to meet our teachers, volunteer, as well as observe our program at any time.


    Program Fees:  Registration, monthly tuition, drop-in, and activity fees.


    Number of Programs:  For the 2014-15 school year we are able to provide care to 3 schools.


    Current Number of Programs provided in APS:  We have provided care in APS for eleven years.


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children 

    Contact Information:                Lara Cornett, Creator

                                                    366 Glenwood Ave,

                                                    Atlanta GA 30312





    Mission: Kiddos mission is to impact every child, parent, school, teacher and community we are in. Through allowing choices we create an experience that can be tailored by each student and fosters growth in independence, confidence, leadership and relationships with peers and mentors!

    Goal (s): For 2014-15 school year our goal is to increase parent involvement, maintain an exciting schedule of activities and seamlessly add our new programs to the Kiddos family while keeping each After School Program Strong! We also aim to keep kids safe and engaged during the Summer through our variety of Summer Camp options!

    Target Audience: Elementary Students

    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Our program is choice based and allows students to have outside play, homework help and allows a choice between 3 to 4 activities each day. Our attention to detail, over planning and Directors make us unique and allow for a range of activities from Sports and Drama to Parkour and Cooking!

    Academic Component: We provide homework help to students in each grade level. Additionally we ensure students are able to experience hands on academic opportunities! Including reading and comprehension for our K-2nd graders, Creative Writing for our 3rd-5th graders! We also work on Science, Math and Social Studies through activities ranging from measurements in cooking, to experiments in nature.

    Family Component: We do parent’s nights out, use parent volunteers for special events such as our Kiddos Dances, Showcases, and Fun Fridays!

    Program Fees: Registration, Monthly, Daily

    Number of Programs: We are open to growth opportunities!

    Current number of programs provided in APS:

    Kiddos has been provider for 2 years   

    Kids R Special, Inc.


    Contact Information:                Geraldine Summers - Owner                      

                            Carolyn Strozier, Director                      

                                                    P. O. Box 311310      

                                                    Atlanta, GA 31131

                                                    404-349-9142 (2:30 pm- 6:30 pm) / 404-408-4268 /404-660-8417



                                                    Website Address: Coming Soon


    Mission: To provide a totally inclusive, safe, stimulating, educational and warm environment that allows and encourages each child’s physical, emotional, academic and cognitive development.


    Goal (s): To offer a wide variety of activities that fosters an atmosphere conducive to increase comprehension and everyday computation thru: creating experiential education opportunities – indoors and outdoors.


    Target Audience: Pre-K thru fifth grade students who attend Continental Colony Elementary School.


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Outside play, socialization, team/individual development games: soccer, kick ball, homework assistance, individual tutorial, leisure reading, board games, creative writing, grammar board games, book club and discussion, fun brain games and chess.


    Academic Component: Support the school’s improvement plan by using common core standards and target areas in Language Arts/Reading and Writing, Math, Social Studies and Science.


    Family Component: Involving families in the planning, attending to the needs of working parents, accommodating family schedules and have a parent representative on the Board of Directors of Kids R Special, Inc.


    Program Fees: Registration and Weekly Fee 


    Number of Programs: 3


    Current number of programs provided in APS: 1


    Kids R Special, Inc. has provided an after school program in APS for over 30 years.


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:

    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children 

                                                                   Land of O.Z.


    Contact Information:                Betty S. Mayfield, Ph.D. - Executive Program Director
                                                    Program Director - Carline Mastin, M. Ed

                                                    Extracurricular Programs Coordinator - Roy Bennett

                                                    National Football League, P.A.,

                                                    Canadian Football League, P.A

                                                    3806 Woodyhill Dr.

                                                    (678) 796-8824




    Land of Oz (LoOZ) is an organization that provides after school, summer, and extracurricular learning through exploration and age appropriate research to prepare students with an exceptional foundation in STEM subjects, ultimately preparing the next generation forcareers in STEM-related fields, as well as, other extracurricular connections to address the overall needs of all enrolled students.


    Goals: Land of OZ’s goal is to provide K-12 students with an exceptional learning experience that increases awareness and interests in STEM related activities, subjects, and/or fields. LoOZ seeks to inspire students so that all are motivated to study STEM subjects in school, as well as, during opportunities for increased engagement with STEM emphasis. Our effective engagement strategies promote increased interest and access to educational programs that will promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Our program will utilize exploratory learning practices to increase an active understanding and genuine appreciation for STEM related pathways. As a program that is aligned with Quality Core Curriculum Standards, our program compliments the needs of all students with an emphasis on the STEMS skill set. In addition to STEM connections, LoOZ provides additional experiences to cultivate the growth of the whole student. By offering foreign language and an array of sports training by former professional athletes, each student is guaranteed a quality and well-rounded experience. Each aspect of our program will be linked to STEM related field subjects so that students can garner a total understanding and appreciation at its highest fidelity.

    Target Audience: LoOZ’s target audience is students in grades K-12

    Daily After School Program Elective Leagues & Connections:

      LEGO robotics and mechanisms

      Intel®Math & Science

      Junior FIRST LEGO League (Jr.FLL)(Grades K-3)

      FIRST LEGO League (FLL)(Grades 4-8)

      NASA Engineers –Grades K-4 –Exploration Design

      NASA Astronauts –Grades 5-8 –Exploration Designs


      Graphic Design & Technology (Fashion, Art,and Graphic Design)

      Flag Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball


    Land of Oz (LoOZ) after school program is aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

    Family component

      Jr. First League Family Showcase

      First League Family Showcase

      Graphic Design Fashion Week

      NASA Space Age Symposium


    Program Fees: (Do not have to include the amount. State the type of fees:

    registration; weekly and/or activity)

    Registration Fee, MonthlyPre-paid After School Program, Late Payment Fee, Drop-In After School Fee, 8 Week Elective Class Fee, Dishonored Payment Fee Number of Programs: (How many schools can you provide a program in) LoOZ can provide customized programming and afterschool curriculum for up to

    14 schools.


    Current number of programs provided in APS: None

    Number of years providing services in APS:

    The 2014-2015 is LoOZ’s first year as an authorized after school provider. If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following: Experiences in providing services and/or programs to



    Since 1986, The Land of O.Z. has provided multiple instructional opportunities and connections for K12 students, as well as, Pre-K 4/K-3. We have provided the following programs for students:


      Full Day Instruction

      Half Day Instruction

      Afterschool Enrichment


      Home School

      Connections and Electives

      Performing Arts

      Robotics Clubs


    Additional Information: Description of Full Operations

    Managing the curriculum, overseeing physical facilities, hiring staff and managing the overall image of the center; ensured compliance with all local and federal laws governing childcare, both in regard to the physical environment and the staff, and managed the financial affairs of the child care facility. Developed an appropriate curriculum and ensured that it complied with state and federal requirements; ensured that the physical center facilities complied with local, state and federal laws, and provided safe and appropriate environment for children; maintained knowledge of local, state and federal laws regarding safety requirements and inspection and certification procedures, and ensuredthat the center complied with those requirements; evaluated and purchased equipment and supplies for the center. Managed center staff; developed job descriptions, interviewed candidates, maintained staff development and education and, if necessary, managed disciplinary processes; ensured that all staff met the requirements for their jobs; ordered staff background checks and confirmed that necessary licenses were valid; maintained state director qualifications by completing continuing education courses each year, in addition to other requirements.  Served as the 'face' of the school, managing communication with parents and the community; developed policies for the school and communicated the policies to parents; met with parents of prospective students to determine whether the school was a good fit for the family; responsible for the financial management of the center; developed budgets, managed the accounting and oversaw accounts payable and receivable; Prepared and maintained administrative and business reports and records of the child care center; recorded all fee payments and prepared billing late payments and follow-up actions when necessary; reviewed income and expense, statistical, and budget status reports to develop and maintain sound financial status of the program; analyzed problems in these areas and made recommendations to resolve them or took corrective action; prepared billing reports on child care center use; developed the marketing plan for the center; developed public relations and advertising campaigns as necessary.


    Mogul Minds (Financial Literacy & Wealth Building for Kids)


    Contact Information:                Shan Holder - Managing Director

                                                    170 Roscommon Ct.

                                                    Tyrone, GA 30290





    Mission: To Inspire the Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Investors of Tomorrow


    Goal (s): Teach students how to write a business plan, familiarize students with financial jargon, Help students understand economic concepts like Opportunity Cost, Introduce students to the stock market, Encourage early entrepreneurship and “out of the box” problem solving, Instill the mindset of an investor at a formative age


    Target Audience: Students Ages 10-17


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Afterschool care, Instruction, Interactive Activities, Team Collaboration to develop Business Plan


    Academic Component: Math: Interest rate computation, Comparing values, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Introduction to Economics (Supply/Demand, Opportunity Cost etc.), Vocabulary


    Family Component: Business Plan Competition and Presentation


    Program Fees: Weekly Fee


    Number of Programs: Up to 5


    Current number of programs provided in APS:



    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:


    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children:

    Collaborated with Morehouse College’s Project Identity to teach 80+ students ages 10-17

    Taught 100+ students in year one of Mogul Minds program 


    Preferred School Care, Inc.


    Contact Information:                Bill Selmon - President/CEO

                                                    1125 Annie Lane

                                                    Mableton, GA 30126





    Mission: Our mission is to provide quality and affordable after school child care services for the children of working parents.  Preferred School Care programs are designed to provide a safe, nurturing, and supportive academic/social environment for students.


    Goal (s):  (1)To connect with the school achievement plan; (2)To improve the quality of the after school program; (3)To provide each child with a unique growing and learning experience; & (4) To provide educational and socially enriching and creative opportunities for our youth.


    Target Audience: PSC works with elementary aged students attending Atlanta Public Schools.


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities:  PSC offers a safe environment that provides structure, but allows for independence to meet the needs of our school-age students.  After school activities will vary by location, depending on the students’ interest, parent support, and/or available resources


    Academic Component: Based on School Connection Plans, activities may include but are not limited to: homework assistance, tutoring, reading enrichment, math and science games, vocabulary building, computer/technology exposure, arts and crafts, and indoor/outdoor games and sports.


    Family Component: PSC welcomes parent involvement in our after school care programs.  We have an open-door policy which encourages parents to participate in various activities and to be active in their child’s program. Staff members interact with parents to obtain feedback to enhance the program where appropriate.  PSC have bulletin boards which post important and ongoing activities during our programs.  Lastly, PSC welcomes parent volunteers to work within our programs. The after school care program aggressively seeks to involves parents who have specific skills, hobbies and interests to share with the students.  Student and/or staff share activities and give special recognitions to parents reflecting emphasis on holidays and special calendar events.  PSC provides on-going communication with parents regarding the program through our website, newsletter, and email distributions lists.


    Program Fees: PSC program fees consist of a non-refundable registration fee, as well as a weekly fee with discounts given for families with multiple children. Rates for activity fees are paid by parents directly to the vendor.


    Number of Programs: PSC currently provides after school programs at 16 locations.


    Current number of programs provided in APS: PSC. began providing services to Atlanta Public Schools in 1996 and currently operates after school programs at 16 locations.


    Additional information: PSC has three elementary sites, Cleveland Avenue, L.O. Kimberly, and Parkside, that are nationally accredited by the Council of Accreditation. 


    Unique Individual Corporation


    Contact Information:                Farrallus Fitch - Executive Director

                                                    4100 Cascade Road

                                                    Atlanta, GA 30331

                                                    (770) 899-5481



    Mission: The mission of Unique Individual is to help children with disabilities and special needs have a positive, social, emotional and psychological experience to embrace but not overlook their disability. Unique Individual mission is to service all children with different abilities and function by using techniques that are hands on.

    Goal (s): Unique After Care is not your typical afterschool program. We believe in having small counselor to student ratio where students are able to obtain the highest level of assistance as we strive to impact each child to grow and learn in a safe and fun environment. 


    Target Audience: Pre-K through 8th Grade  


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: After School Care for Special needs Children and

                                                                      Non-Special Needs Children


    Academic Component:


    Large Group Activities - (Ratio 1:10) - Children are encouraged to interact in a large group, take turns, participate and allow others to participate with them while learning team building skills. The children will also be involved in:

    -          Homework/Reading

    -          Fit Play

    -          Monthly projects to interact with the school

    -          Enrichments (Music, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, and Dance)


    Small Group Activities - (Ratio 1:5 or 1:3) - Children are assisted in developing particular skills. Those skills include cutting, tracing, balancing, eye-hand coordination, color and shape identification, board games, computer learning and reading comprehension.


    Literacy Time - Unique After Care participants are exposed to age-appropriate literature and are encouraged to use their imagination with drama play, poems, reading with a partner, writing, drawing to build vocabulary and to develop communication and listening skills.


    Academic Achievement - Children are provided with activities that stimulate learning growth, brain stimulation, subject quizzing to ensure our kids achieve in passing their test, and honoring our children when receiving awards.


    Family Component:

    Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s activities, we like to keep an open communication with our parents. We have Friday family nights once a mouth where we play games, watch a movie, eat popcorn, pizza and hot dogs. In the summer we like to have family ice cream socials.


    Program Fees:

    Registration Fee -

    Fee - general child. – 1:10 ratio

    Fee - special needs child – 1:5 ratio

    Fee - special needs child – 1:3 ratio


    Number of Programs:

     Unique After Care is able to provide after school care in 10 different schools.


    Current number of programs provided in APS:

                            Number of years providing services in APS is zero


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:

    As the Executive Director I have experiences in providing after school programs and services to all children including children with special needs for over 13 years. Therefore, with the knowledge and skills I have obtained throughout the years. I am able to build a unique and different environment for the kids to experience an over the top after school program. 


    Youth Net, Inc.


    Contact Information:                Wanda J. Nevett, President

                                                    Coniquka D. Nevett, Coordinator

                                                    P.O. Box 5264

                                                    404-579-5410/    770-873-4762


                                                    www.YouthNetInc.org (under construction)                     


    Mission: Youth Net, Inc. is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide students, grades Pre-K – 5, with state and nationally aligned academic and social enrichment, physical development, and creative expression through a culturally relevant lens in a safe and nurturing environment.


    Goal(s): Improve reading, language arts, math, social studies, and science skills based on ongoing, individualized assessment.

    1.     Cultivate character-building skills that foster respect, integrity, and compassion for others.

    2.     Develop physical fitness through exposure to a variety of organized sports.

    3.     Foster creative expression through the visual and performing arts.


    Target Audience: Youth Net, Inc.’s target audience is Pre-K through 5th grade students.


    Type of Services/Programs/Activities: Homework assistance

    1.     Academic assessment (pre- and post-testing)

    2.     Testing strategies

    3.     Character education

    4.     Supervised computer enrichment

    5.     Organized sports

    6.     Visual and performing arts classes

    7.     Field trips


    Academic Component: (state specific content)

    Adhering to state and national standards and based on assessment data, students in grades Pre-K – 5 will be exposed to reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use skills in all content areas (reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies).


    Family Component: To foster a strong home/school connection, Youth Net, Inc. will maintain open communication with key stakeholders, facilitate parent workshops, and solicit community support to promote optimal success for our children.


    Program Fees:

    1.     Registration fee (required for all participants)

    2.     Weekly fee (required for two or more days of participation)

    3.     One-day drop in fee (requires the one-time registration fee)


    Number of Programs: Youth Net, Inc. is able to provide afterschool programming in five schools.


    Current number of programs provided in APS: Youth Net, Inc. currently services three schools in Atlanta Public Schools.


    Number of years providing services in APS: Youth Net, Inc. has provided services in Atlanta Public Schools for 15 years.


    If you are not providing a program in APS, respond to the following:




    Experiences in providing services and/or programs to children


    Additional information:

    Youth Net, Inc. was founded in 1998 by the late Mr. Otis Jerome Jackson. His legacy continues under the leadership of Ms. Wanda J. Nevett who has 36 years of teaching experience in Atlanta Public Schools including 15 years of experience working as a Site Director and most recently as the Director of Operations with Youth Net, Inc.