• Department of Student Assignment & Records

    Student Assignment & Records is a support unit within the Office of Student Programs and Services and is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of Board Polices and Administrative Regulations in the area of enrollment and registration, student transfers, and student records. 
    Areas of Responsibility







    The Department of Student Assignment coordinates district enrollment and registration activities, establishes effective procedures, and monitors school enrollment practices to ensure efficiency and consistency in helping families register students for school.


    Student Transfers

    The Department of Student Assignment is also responsible for facilitating student transfers including school choice transfers (HB 251), student of employee transfers, and hardship transfers.


    Student Records

    The student records center is responsible for leading district-wide effective record management practices. Requests for student records, transcripts, education verifications, etc. are coordinated through the Department of Student Records. 


     Cory Edwards

    Cory Edwards

    Email: Ceedwards@atlanta.k12.ga.us
    Phone: 404 802-2232
    Fax: 404-802-1203
    Coordinator of Student Assignment & Records
    Center for Learning and Leadership (CLL)
    130 Trinity Ave SW
    2nd Floor
    Atlanta, GA 30303


Last Modified on August 23, 2018