• Tiered Attendance Interventions

    Tiered Attendance Interventions from Denise Revels and the office of Social Work.
    For questions, please contact your school’s social worker or Denise Revels, drevels@apsk12.org

    Tier I

    1. All schools should have attendance announcements, which impress upon parents the importance of daily attendance, on the school website.

    2. Contact local churches/synagogues/mosque or other local houses of worship to request that they mention the importance of student attendance during announcements.

    3. Partner with the school PTSA to determine if they are able to fund incentives for students (e.g. stickers, snacks, tickets to sporting events, school paraphernalia, dances or other activities)

    4. Offer students with good attendance reduced or free access to the Cluster High School sporting events.

    5. Have students phone absent students.

    6. Create competitions among homerooms for the best attendance and provide a prize for the winner.

    7. Post student names/pictures on a school bulletin board in the cafeteria or other area utilized by the student body.

    8. Discuss attendance at every PTA meeting.

    9. Have students sign an attendance contract.

    10. Have parents sign an attendance contract.

    11. Have an assembly for students with exceptional attendance and invite a local athlete, celebrity or politician.

    12. Have an athlete, celebrity or politician tape wake up calls for students.

    13. School establishes attendance goals.

    14. Teachers communicate attendance protocol to students.

    15. School offers short term incentives for students to attend school and increase attendance.

    16. APS student handbook containing attendance information is distributed to all children.

    17. Schools must obtain and maintain a parent signed Student Handbook Acknowledgement Form which is maintained in the main office.

    18. Principal will monitor the implementation and progress of the Student Attendance Action Team and provided with a bi-weekly report, including an attendance log identifying specific students.

    19. Develop relationships with community stakeholders (leasing offices, merchants, etc.).

    20. Review Infinite Campus reports weekly.

    Tier II

    1. Students with unexcused absences are linked to external resources as appropriate to address their needs (housing, food pantry’s, childcare, clinics, etc.)

    2. School counselor or graduation coach conferences with student regarding absences and impact on grades.

    3. Student is provided with Compulsory Attendance Law, City Ordinance and learns about legal consequences for violating the law.

    4. School sends written notification to parent/guardian (letter, law, consequences).

    5. School contacts parent via telephone if available or home visit if phone contact is not an option.

    6. Students are encouraged to engage in meaningful extracurricular activities.

    7. Teacher conferences with student to determine how the school can assist in encouraging daily attendance.

    8. Student is assigned daily task and responsibilities which are positive and rewarding.

    9. Ensure that the student has many opportunities for success during the school day.

    10. Provide the student with as many high interest activities as possible.

    11. Require the student’s to maintain an attendance card which is signed by all teachers daily and provide the child with a reward at the end of the week for improvements.

    12. Interact with the student in a positive manner frequently throughout the school day.

    13. Use positive reinforcement with students who attend school daily.

    14. Assist the student and family in developing a morning schedule for the student to encourage attendance.

    15. Develop a student group for students who are absent.

    16. Assistant Principal convenes Student Attendance Action Team meetings bi-weekly to identify a plan for students with 3 or more unexcused absences. Team members include: Counselor, Social Worker, Attendance Clerk/Monitor, Nurse, Graduation Coach, Behavior Specialist, and other staff as appropriate.

    17. Student Attendance Action Team develops an individual plan for students who have unexcused absences.

    18. Help the student develop positive friendships which may encourage attendance.

    19. Develop a student group for children who are absent.

    20. Utilize school partners and local business to provide incentives for students with improved attendance (fast food gift cards, high school, college or professional athletic events, school supplies, etc.).

    Tier III

    1. School counselor will make a referral to the social worker for assessment and intervention (SSW will make additional referrals as appropriate)

    2. Refer to School Resource Officer (SRO) Middle and High School

    3. Conduct face to face parent meeting at school or in the community, include SRO or Truancy Officer

    4. Begin preparation pre-referral for Juvenile Court (ages 6-15 only)

    5. Social Worker will mail final attendance letter

    6. Hold evening assembly for parents/guardians

    7. Social Worker contacts students and families of students with 5 or more absences to offer resources.

    8. Refer student to the School Resource Officer (SRO)

    9. Develop a student attendance contract, outlining expectations,  signed by student and guardian

    Tier IV

    1. Referral to internal alternative educational settings (Crim, West End Academy, Forrest Hills)

    2. Referral to external alternative educational settings (GED, Online Academies, etc.)

    3. Refer to Fulton/DeKalb Juvenile Court if under the age of 16

    4. Refer to APD Truancy Officer for possible City Ordinance Violation

    5. Review the Compulsory School Attendance Law O.C.G.A 20-2-690.1 for guidance on parent notification and withdrawal if appropriate