• Warren T. Jackson


    Jackson Elementary

    Physical Education


    Teachers: Kelly Browning

    Email: kbrowning@atlanta.k12.ga.us

    Phone: 404-802-8800/404-802-8810


    Welcome to Warren T. Jackson! We are going to have a wonderful year of learning in P.E. This letter is a short reference for things that you may be interested in knowing.


    Class Description: Each class will consist of a fitness component as well as a standards based activity/lesson. Students will participate in individual and team activities that develop self-confidence, sports skills, sportsmanship, and lifelong fitness practices. Participation is the foundation of our program. Students who participate to the best of their ability each class meeting and are cooperative with each other will succeed. 


    Attendance & Participation Requirements: All students are required to participate in Physical Education Class. There are no exceptions. Students will not be excused from Physical Education Class in order to complete classroom work or as a punishment. Parents should inform the physical education teacher of any physical limitations that their child may have. Physical limitations should be provided in writing and/or accompanied by a doctor’s note. For the safety of your child, tennis shoes and appropriate clothing are required. Girls should wear shorts under dresses and skirts. Long skirts and dresses are discouraged on PE days. Students who are not dressed appropriately may not be able to participate in all activities.


    Homework Policy: No homework will be assigned in PE Class. Students are encouraged to be physically active on a daily basis outside of school hours.



    1st misconduct: Warning

    2nd misconduct: Time out

    3rd misconduct: Notice sent to parent                                      


    Please visit again later for volunteer opportunities and more information about WTJ PE.