• Mission Statement 
    To ensure that resources (print and technology) and services are in place to prepare Astros for post-secondary options of choice in a global society. 
                                                                                          Welcome to Astro Learning Commons!
    We invite Astros to come in during school hours (with a hall pass) to work on assignments, research topics of interest or sit back and read a book or magazine. *Please sign in upon arrival.

    Students who come after school must work on academic assignments or read a book to avoid disrupting the scholarly work taking place.

    The original media center floor plan has been altered to include more of a "learning laboratory" feel. Astro Learning Commons boasts lounge seating areas, mission-style furnishings, areas for small group/virtual classes, 45 Chrome laptops, 60 iPads, and 20 charging stations (each will accommodate 3 electronic devices simultaneously).