• Margaret Fain Elementary School Rules & Expectations

    Parents and Students the following school rules and expectations are in place to ensure our children have a safe and orderly school environment daily. Thank you in advance for your support!

    Students are expected to report to school on time daily.

    School begins at 8:00 AM daily. Students are marked tardy after 8:10 AM. The school doors will open every morning at 7:30 AM

    Students are allowed to eat breakfast between 7:30-8:00 AM daily in the cafeteria

    Students are expected to wear their school uniforms daily.

    School uniform requirements are:





    White, Gold, or Hunter Green Polo, Button Down, or T-Shirt


    Khaki Skirts, Shorts (may not be more than 2 inches above knee), or Pants

    Black or Navy Blue Shoes


    White, Gold, or Hunter Green Polo, Button Down, or T-Shirt


    Khaki Shorts (may not be more than 2 inches above knee) or Pants. BELTS ARE REQUIRED!!

    Students are expected to bring all school materials such as paper, pencil, bookbag, agenda, homework, and textbooks daily.

    Students are expected to follow all school, classroom, and bus rules.

    Be respectful to all adults and peers

    Be responsible for all actions

    Be safe on the way to school (walkers, car riders, and bus riders)

    Be eager and willing to learn

    Parents we enjoy when you come to the school to volunteer and visit your child. We are asking our parents please follow the school expectations when visiting the school.

    All visitors are required to ring the buzzer located near the main entrance.

    Front office personnel will ask for you to make yourself visible in the monitor before buzzing you into the building. (Please state the nature of your business)

    All visitors must show valid Georgia or State Issued Identification (driver’s license or ID)

    Copies of identification will be made and kept on file

    All visitors are required to sign-in via our electronic Ident-A-Kid software system

    No parent will be allowed past the front office after 8:00 a.m. unless they have a pre-arranged appointment

    Parents willing to volunteer or meet with teachers must schedule an appointment 24 hours in advance per Board Policy KM.

    During dismissal, all parents are to remain outside and your child will be escorted to the car or to the walkers’ area.

    Parents are asked to not to wear pajamas, head bonnets, or inappropriate clothes.

    Please inform the front office before 12:00 PM if your will have a change of transportation for the current day. This helps the front office ensure that all students arrive home safely via the correct mode of transportation.

    Parents we encourage you to take advantage of our Wednesday tutorials from 2:30-4:30 PM.