• AVA Unit Recovery
    AVA Unit Recovery (AVA UR) provides middle school and high school students an opportunity to master the content and recover a unit or lesson, within the current Fall and Spring semesters. Students can recover unlimited units, in multiple courses, at the same time. Unit Recovery is available while taking a face-to-face course at the student's home-zoned school. Classroom teachers assign students virtual units to complete during non-school hours. The previously failed unit grade will be replaced by the recovered unit grade for the course.

    All middle and high school students enrolled in Atlanta Public middle and high schools can recover units and/or lessons. For example: If a student is taking Algebra I during Spring 2015, this student can only recover units for Algebra I during the Spring 2015 semester. No units can be recovered before or after the current semester. 
    How to Register:

    (1) Speak with your classroom teacher for the unit that needs to be recovered. Classroom teachers will be adding the recovery units for students in Edgenuity.
    Logging into your course: 

    You are ready to begin recovering your units! Log in here: https://atlanta.learn.edgenuity.com. Your Username is your APS User ID and your Password is your APS Lunch Number. 
    How to get Started: 

    (1) Log into Edgenuity here: https://atlanta.learn.edgenuity.com

    (2) Watch the Edgenuity Student Orientation Video (it should start playing the first time you log in)
    (3) After the Edgenuity Orientation Video is complete, on the left side panel, you should see the name of the course and unit. If you don't, you have not been enrolled in your course. Please speak with your counselor or Site Administrator about enrolling you in your UR course. 
     Final Grade: 

    If your final unit/lesson grade is higher than your previous grades for that unit, your new Edgenuity grade will be posted in Infinite Campus as a replacement grade for the grades corresponding to the unit/lessons.