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    2023 FLEX Part Time Spring Session Registration

    Registration Dates: December 5th-January 13th

    Session Dates: January 3rd-May 26th

    Course Drop Date: March 24th

    Senior Completion Date: May 17th  

    The online AVA FLEX applications below are to be completed by the middle or high school student or their parent/guardian(s) wanting to take SUPPLEMENTARY courses with AVA in addition to their courses at their home or neighborhood school.  During the school year, part-time students' courses are built into their schedule as "During the Day" (DTD) or in addition to a full schedule/course load as "Beyond the Day" (BTD). 

    Once completed, the application will be sent to the school counselor selected in the application. Please allow your counselor adequate time to complete enrollment once your application is submitted. Within one week, if you have not received an enrollment email from Atlanta Virtual Academy, please follow up with your school counselor.  

    MS Link: https://bit.ly/AVAPTMS

    HS Link: https://bit.ly/AVAPTHS