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     Inman Makers
     Inman Middle Makers
    Photos courtesy of Jimmy Stapp (@APSITJim)
    What are MakerSpaces?
    MakerSpaces are physical spaces for people, including kids, to work together and review their projects. Making can happen anywhere - on a kitchen table or in a high-end Fab Lab, a living room or a garage, a school or a community center -- but in education, we are discovering that making can enrich the curriculum of any subject when incorporated into the school cultures. 
    What is MakerSpace University?
    MakerSpaces are not just labs, they are place for students to explore their own imaginative solutions to problem solving projects. It's a MakerSpace whether they take the shape of a class, an after-school club or as an addition to existing curriculum.
    How will MakerSpace U benefit my students?
    In MakerSpace U we will define guidelines we think can make a real difference in how enthusiastic and successful your students are in making and achieving their project visions. We will be working together to create space foreach member that best suit their individual learning community. 
    For more information, please contact Jimmy Stapp