• The Four C's of the 21st Century Classroom

    Learn more about the pillars of 21st Century Classroom learning and access the collections of online tools researched and curated by our digital and educational technology specialists. 
  • 21ct Critical Thinking
    Classrooms that facilitate and teach critical thinking lead students to develop other skills, such as a higher levels of concentration, deeper analytical abilities, and improved thought processing.
    21creative Creativity
    Classrooms that foster creativity are becoming a necessity because in today's world of global competition and task automation, innovative capacity and a creative spirit are fast becoming requirements for personal and professional success.
    21comm Communication
    Classrooms must cultivate student communication skills as they must be able to effectively analyze and process the overwhelming amount of communication in their lives today.
    21colab Collaboration
    Collaboration is essential in the classroom because it is inherent in the nature of how work is accomplished in our civic, college and workforce lives. It is a necessity due to globalization and the rise of technology. 
21 Century Classroom