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    Connect with the Instructional Tech team serving your school to learn more about what the group does and how our students benefit. Click the thumbnails for access to email addresses, twitter accounts and ETS websites. And visit our Get to Know Us page to learn a little more about them. 
    Executive Director, Instructional Technology

    Aleigha Henderson-Rosser, Ed.D (Educational Policy/Educational Leadership) is Executive Director for Instructional Technology and “chief enthusiast” to a group of dynamic, forward-thinking digital education and technology specialists. She and her team deliver future technologies and learning practices to APS classrooms today. 

    Email: ahrosser@atlanta.k12.ga.us    Twitter: @ahrosser
    Digital Learning Specialists 


    Educational Technology Specialists 


    Wendy Cotton: Bolton, ISC Support, MA Jones, Slater, TAG (Tuskegee Airmen Global), KIPP Atlanta Collegiate, KIPP STRIVE Primary
    Jan Dickerson: Beecher Hills, Carver Early College, Forest Hill, Long, Perkerson, South Atlanta, Therrell  
    Krynica Drake: Cleveland, Heritage, Humphries, Hutchinson, Centennial Place

    Lynn Freeman: Jackson Intermediate, Jackson Primary, Mary Lin, Springdale Park, Sutton 6th Grade, Sutton 7th and 8th Grade; 
    Dominique Harbour: Brandon, Brandon Primary, Smith, Smith Intermediate
    James: Wilborn: Finch, Gideons, Peyton Forest, Thomasville Heights, West Manor, KIPP Vision Academy & Primary

    Kali Parker: Garden Hills, Kimberly, North Atlanta, Rivers, West End
    Gina Wilson:
    Continental Colony, Deerwood, Dobbs, Fickett, Westside Atlanta Charter

    Jen Hall: Brown, Bunche, Grady, Inman, King
    Erin Davis: Brown, Bunche, Grady, Inman, King, Cascade, Miles, Hillside, Hope-Hill, Kindezi (4th Ward), Wesley International, KIPP Ways Academy, KIPP Ways Primary, KIPP Strive Academy

    Ruben Barkley: CSK, Fain, FL Stanton, Boyd, Kindezi (Westlake)
    Tommy Clay: Hollis Innovation Academy, John Lewis Invictus Academy, Scott, Towns, Usher Collier, Woodson Park
    Shannon Council: BEST, Douglass, Harper Archer, Drew Charter Primary

    Timothy Farmer: Benteen, Burgess Peterson, Barack and Michelle Obama Academy, Dunbar, Parkside, Toomer
    Jimmy Stapp: CRIM, Morningside, Washington, Carver (not early college), Drew Charter Jr, Drew Charter Sr
    Tanika Vincent: Maynard Jackson, Mays, Price, Sylvan, Young